Author Biography

Justine Torres is a senior at Georgia State University and is of the age of twenty-one. Justine is studying English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition along with a minor in Music. She chose Rhetoric and Composition as her concentration after taking an introduction class in rhetoric. She found the class inspiring and felt that her writing was strong on this subject and that she could learn and grow from it. When chosing music as her minor Justine stated that “It was because it is something that I’ve loved all my life and wanted to learn more from.” Justine has lived in the area of Atlanta for six years; her parents moved her and her family here when she was fifteen turning sixteen. But she has lived in Atlanta for four years while attending Georgia State University. When thinking about college Justine thought she knew what she had wanted and where she was going to go. Ms. Torres was going to be a journalist but being at GSU has changed her path. She has thought about being a technical writer, an editor for books or magazines and also a content writer since that is what she did with her internship at Couples Academy in the summer and fall of 2016. But she has considered continuing her journey of school into Law School and studying entertainment law.Ms. Torres said that she  felt that the with the combination of her rhetoric and composition concentration as well as her music minor they could help her to succeed with this. It will be long and hard journey but the education Justine Torres has received here will help her to succeed.