Introduction to 3080

For my third artifact, I have chosen my assignment that was completed in my Persuasion: History, Theory, and Practice, 3080, a class that I took with Dr. Kelly Elmore during the semester of Spring 2016. For this assignment, we had to read an article and analyze the content inside this and make points on the good and the bad of this essay. The genre of this essay was an analytical essay and the audience of this essay was to bring awareness to those who don’t know how to create a strong argument in their essays. Showing them the little things that can be improved on to strengthen an argument. The article that I chose for the assignment was called “Sexism Hurts Us All”. I am always curious to see what is happening with sexism and the different studies that are being conducted so analyzing this essay was an exciting thing for me. The strengths of this essay that I had was although I had a strong interest in the topic of the article I wasn’t afraid to point out the flaws of the essay and the things that needed to be added on to it. And the things that I would change about this essay was finding more sources that could have backed up the topic of the essay I was analyzing and the grammar in the essay as well.

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