Introduction to 4320

For my final artifact, I chose an assignment from my Senior Seminar class with Dr. Michael Harker during the semester of Fall 2016. The genre of this assignment was Prezi and was presented in Prezi with an interview. For this assignment, we had to discuss what we wanted to do when we get out of college. At the time I wasn’t sure, so I chose something that has always interested me, which is editing. We had to find a book on the topic of this as well as do an interview with someone who currently has this job. I chose someone that I have heard of from my internship at the time, she was the intern editor there her name is Shannon Pruden. Her point of view for the job was very discouraging for me. She has had a hard time finding her way into the editing world based on her location and her current home situation. But she brought to light for me that nothing is easy to achieve if you don’t make the proper sacrifices that you need for your future. I felt that I could have gone further in my research for this project on the works of editing; that I could have expanded more on what I read in my book I chose called “Editors on Editing: What Writers Need to Know About What Editors Do”. My strengths I felt in this project was my interview with Mrs. Pruden. I felt that I touched on the matters that I was most concerned with and that I touch based on the important matters of the editing world that she finds herself currently in.

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