Introduction to 3110

This was a Service Learning group project in my Techincal Writing with Dr. Robin Wharton in the semester of Fall 2016. For this assignment, we had to work with Little One’s Learning Center to help improve their business. For my part of the project, I worked on research¬†and creation of their social media. The genre of this assignment was social media and the purpose of it was to be able to help this business make it their absolute best. Though I truly enjoyed working on this project it wasn’t easy; I felt that we took on too much from this group and that the business used us for their advantage to get as much work done through us. I felt that as a group we should have solely focussed on one of their requests. But overall I felt that we did a wonderful job for them and that our work met their requirements. The audience that we were trying to reach out to for this assignment were those who are associated with Little One’s Learning Center and the people they want to be associated with them in the future. It was a hard project to work on, but the work experience taught me a lot like never take on more than you can handle and don’t let someone else speak for you. My three other group members would say the same.

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