Introduction to 4510

I completed this assignment in my Grant & Proposal Writing, 4510, class with Dr. Baotong Gu during the Summer of 2016. For this essay, our audience was the Grant viewers who would be reading our proposal for the non-profit organization Furkids Animal Shelter and Rescue. The genre is a persuasive essay to convince the Grant to accept Furkids proposal for money. The purpose of the assignment was to assist a non-profit organization of our choice and to help them apply for grants that would help them to receive the product or money they need for their organization. This was a group project; in my group were Lea Nelson and myself. My role in this project was Leader; I handled contacting the organization and setting up a meeting with them to discuss what they would want from their grant proposal. Throughout the project, though, Ms. Nelson and I collaborated and assisted with every part of the proposal and nothing was Okayed without either one of our consent. I selected this piece because I feel that it shows how I have grown not only in collaborating in group work but how I have grown with writing outside of my comfort zone. I always thought that I could never write in business format and create something for a company, but this class really helped me to see my potential in other possible fields that I may want to look into in the future. I think there are many strengths in this project; it is well organized, well put together, and met the requirements of our client. Something that I think we could have worked on for the proposal was the set up of the document. Maybe try a different template to give it a more professional edge to it. I think that would be my main focus on changing something out of this proposal.

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