Welcome to my professional website! Here
you will be able to view artifacts from my college career as well as a critical reflection of them and my author biography. These works start from my sophomore year to my senior year of college. Each artifact has been carefully chosen to reflect on how my definition of rhetoricĀ has changed as I have taken classes with the English department of Rhetoric and Composition.

The classes that I haveĀ taken from the Rhetoric and Composition department are Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition, Editing, Practical Grammar, Persuasion: History, Theory and Practice, Multimodal Composition, Digital, Writing, & Publishing, Grant & Proposal Writing, Technical Writing, Business Writing, and Senior Seminar: Rhetoric & Composition. Each one of these classes has shaped who I have become as a writer.

I have also taken classes that are outside of the requirements for the Rhetoric & Composition Department that have also changed my way of writing like British Literature, American Literature, American
Literature 1914-1945, World Literature, Introduction Into Literary Studies, and Study of a Single Author (Jane Austen). Each one of these classes has changed the way that I view literacy and writing. Whether it was a class I already had an interest in or it was a class that I was curious about and wanted to learn more on, each taught me more than I already knew before.