Introduction to 3130

For my seventh artifact, I decided to choose an assignment from my Business Writing class with Dr. Yunye Yu during the semester of Fall 2016. The genre of the assignment was an infographic and was a group project. I took charge over the project and handle research of the assignment. We were supposed to create a mock-up plan for a non-profit organization¬†and so my partner and I took on creating an after-school care plan for Atlanta to help better the community. I had an easy time with this project from working with a non-profit organization before. Though I felt that my partner could have helped with the project more and doing further research on the topic with me, I wouldn’t change a thing from this assignment. I felt very strong about it as well as the presentation that we completed for the class. This project helped me to gain the confidence in presenting my work to others and getting their feedback in a professional environment. I felt confident in knowing the information and being able to explain my plans to others.

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