Introduction to 3140

I selected this assignment for one of my artifacts from my Editing 3140 class with Mr. Donald Gammill during the semester of Fall 2014. The genre of this essay is the research essay. The audience for the essay was for those who did not have a previous understanding of the non-denominational Christian religion. I felt that this piece has shown my growth as a writer and editor of grammar. The strengths of this piece, as pointed out to me by my teacher, were my unbiased voice, and authentic voice and the structure of the paragraphs and the way the research is laid out. For my Editing class, we had to edit a paper that we have previously written from another class. I chose this one because I knew that my grammar and sentence structure could use a lot of help. I had written this essay in my Perspectives Culture class, I didn’t have anything else to work on because I had yet to take any English classes besides the required ones. The assignment was a self-edit, our teacher Mr. Gammil was to go over it for us first, and give us an idea of what direction we needed to go in when it came to editing our essays. I wish that I had had more time to make my changes to this assignment, unfortunately, I was one of the few that hadn’t gotten the edits until the end of the semester giving me not enough time. I would have changed the sentence structures as well as the many, many grammatical errors in this essay.

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