Introduction to 3050

My second artifact is from my class of Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition, 3050, taught by Dr. Elizabeth Burmester during the semester of Spring 2015. Our audience for this essay was those who are interested in the topic of Technology and those who have followed along with Neil Postman who wrote Amusing Ourselves to Death. The genre of this text is an argumentative essay, to discuss both sides of the argument whether technology becomes dependent or not as well as to state our opinion on the matter. Overall, the purpose of this paper was to create a bias-free argument on your chosen topic and to discuss the points that you would make on either side and then at the end determines your own personal opinion. This piece is really important to me because it was one of the first classes that I took that determined my concentration as an English major, and looking at this essay I have seen how my writing has grown just from taking this class. From its teachings, and it’s lessons I have learned a great deal from this class so I really wanted to find an essay from here that I could put in my portfolio to reflect where I started out in my college career. Looking at it now, and re-reading what I had written, I definitely needed a lot of help with this essay. My argument it pretty solid from either side, but I never truly determine my own voice that I have. I don’t make it clear which side of the argument I am a part of in the end of the essay. That is something I would really like to change. I feel that it would make the paper a lot stronger than what it already is.

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