Reading Summary 5


Color Walking by Phia Bennin and Brendan McMullan is an intriguing article that explains the experiment and adventure the two individuals took that allowed them to view the world and its natural beauty. This walk was a way for Bennin and McMullan to explore the little things that usually goes ignored and let the things that catch their eyes lead them into an adventure of a lifetime. William Burroughs used color walks as a way to bring back memories and reminisce on memories that wouldn’t be brought up on a daily basis. Burroughs stated “Notice how the colors begin to stand out more sharply of their own accord. I was walking on yellow when I saw a yellow amphibious jeep near the corner of 94th Street and Central Park West. It was called the Thing. This reminded me of the Thing I knew in Mexico” explaining the exercise and how it is effective on not only the awareness of colors but also the effects of taking the time to focus on the little things that usually go unnoticed. Bennin and McMullan deciding to give it a try, started their own color walk in experimentation of Burroughs research. The two said “At the end of the afternoon, the colors hung in our brains and eyes. We walked away seeing a world brimming over with colors…” on their experience of the color walk. The article then goes on to discuss how to properly prepare yourself for your own color walk with steps and hints to reach the full experience of a color walk. To receive the full experience, one should dedicate uninterrupted time (away from cell phones, social media, and other things we tend to get so easily distracted by) to just open their minds and focus primarily on eye-popping objects. In Bennin and McMullan’s color walk, they started with blues and followed a blue scarf until they came across another eye-popping bleu object, chipping nails. Nearly getting on a train following the blue nails, they were luckily distracted by basketball courts and watched the sport until a purple shirt continued their journey. From the purple shirt, a pair of purple leopard pants gained the attention of the experimentalists thus leading them to a pink and purple shirt. The recent changing of color to color made the experience an adventure of a lifetime and made better acquaintances of those random strangers. The color walk brought more awareness and attention to the author’s surroundings and left them with a world full of color. After the color walk, the authors also began to see more noticeable colors stand out, whether it be a shirt, nails, or a roof on a brick building. From the article, an audience could tell Brennin and McMullan had immediately became more aware of the world around them and was more appreciative of the littler things in this busy world. From the author’s experiences, they definitely recommend taking a color walk and following these steps: Give yourself an hour of uninterrupted time, no commutes, no errands, just eye time; Pick a color, or let a color pick you–follow the one that makes your heart go thump-thump; and If you get lost, pick another color. If you get really lost, you’re on the right track.

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