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The Atlanta Police department was founded in the 1890’s and has been around ever since. In the image above, the Atlanta police website ( is displayed showing the front page. As you can see the colors are navy blue and white with a black and white image of the city in the background. In the middle of the page shows the most recent slides and what’s going on around the city and how the police are involved with the community around them.  The city image in the background is not only creative, but also resembles what the police stand to serve and protect.


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The most interesting thing about this site and makes it different from others is the tabs. Not just the actual tabs but the fact they give the option to change just this entire website to Spanish without having to change your settings on your computer. This is extremely beneficial to the immigrants that come into the states (more specifically Atlanta) and have English as a second language. Along with the Spanish offering, the tabs offer information about the history of the police, the certain divisions, career paths, and many other options to the select from.


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If a user was displayed with the front page, in the bottom right they would find this box which shows how up-to-date the website and police department in a whole are. It is titled “Important Links” and gives way to access many beneficial links at a more efficient way than to call or drive to the police department. They also offer links to follow them on social media, which not to mention is huge. We check social media roughly seventeen times a day and with the police department up-to-date, it is easier access to get in touch with them at any given moment.


Overall, the Atlanta Police Department’s site is very easy to navigate with simple access to everything needed on the home page. It is currently used to keep citizens of Atlanta informed of the community involvement, factual information on the police department, and providing opportunities to those in need of a job. The Atlanta Police are here to “Protect and Serve” and this website and environment makes their job a lot easier to focus on with simple access to everything an audience would need in one area.

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