Built Environment: The Varsity


The Varsity in Atlanta is one of Georgia’s premier tourist attractions. The picture displayed above is from one of the many entrances from the Varsity, this one being from the spring Street side. As you walk in you are greeted with red and white colors and a retro older feeling with a great upbeat vibe. Straight ahead is the menu and workers loudly yelling “what’ll ya have?” with a very energetic feel to it. It’s very upbeat and much like the articles previously read, a good home feel to it. The feeling of being wanted by some many employees just to take YOUR order makes you feel at home and very important in a fast food environment


The image displayed above, shows a brief wall of history, dating back to the grand opening in 1928. This wall of history is significant because it shows the meaning and tradition behind the food and traditions of the restaurant. Although the food is not the greatest, the history and great customer service is what continues to bring thousands of customers daily. The sign also proceeds to discuss the amount of food and ingredients used daily to inform customers and guests (for a more “homey” feel) the process it takes each and every day to satisfy their wants and needs.


In the picture above, you can see a display of the menu and multiple satisfied customers. Along with the customers, you can see the many employees working each day. The availability to order at many different registers as displayed above portrays the welcoming and convenient atmosphere that The Varsity provides. In addition, you will notice the old and classic details within their décor which provides a unique and classic diner experience. Overall, The Varsity has a noticeably laid-back vibe as it welcomes all for any occasion.


The Varsity represents a very family oriented environment that offers a unique variety of food and a once in a lifetime experience to one of Atlanta’s busiest, historic restaurants. Along with the classic ballpark food that is offered, The Varsity also provides an option of ice cream and souvenirs for tourists passing through. As seen in the image above, ice cream and gifts are offered in addition to their main menu items such as their famous pies. In addition, the Varsity provides a full experience of all they have to offer while accommodating both taste and tourists, families and large groups.





A unique characteristic that The Varsity offers is the different seating arrangements offered in their dining rooms. One in particular can be seen in the image above. Unlike most restaurants, The Varsity provides a classic experience to their customers by offering antique school desks as a seating option while also providing entertainment while you eat. In addition, to assist the needs of their customers, they also conveniently provide all condiments and necessities in each dining area. The Varsity provides a one of a kind dining experience for each guest unlike any other restaurant provides within the greater Atlanta area.

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