The Greatest Adventure


Andrews, Candice Gaukel. “10 Reasons Adventure Travel Is Good For You.” Good Nature. N.p., 07 July 2015. Web. 24 Mar. 2016.

Color walks lead an individual into an adventure that becomes unknown. Although adventures at times can be frightening, they are beneficial too. Some people may wonder “how can a spontaneous adventure be beneficial other than walking?” This article helps identify how adventures are beneficial to an individual’s growth. Author Candice Andrews shows a list hitting three major points and how adventures are beneficial. Her three major topics of discussion are: physical wellness, mental wellness and an enlightened soul. Andrews explained how adventures are helpful to one’s physical wellness because not only can adventure limit health issues, but ‘being dirty improves your health.’ Andrews explains that being too cleanly can lead to health issues like asthma or an increase in allergies. Andrews then began to talk about the mental wellness and how adventure is spontaneous so it can prepare the mind for any uncertainty. At times when people tend to get uncomfortable they don’t know how to respond and mentally breakdown. Going on adventures can prevent that and help an individual cope with life’s uncertainties. The last discussion Andrews made was the enlightenment of one’s soul. Andrews strongly believes that adventure helps feed one’s dreams and builds confidence and pushes people to dream bigger. Color walks provide all three of the topics discussed making it an adventure of a lifetime that we should all try once.

The Lifestyle of Walking



“12 Benefits of Walking.” Walking Program. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Mar. 2016.

In a previous annotated bibliography I discussed an article on how walking reduces cholesterol and prevents disease while improving weight loss. In this article by the Arthritis foundation, shows evidence and proof how walking does prevent disease and is highly beneficial to the body. This article actually discusses and analyzes more benefits from walking than the previous. Walking can lead to a better longer and healthier life. Walking is scientifically proven to reduce stress, create a healthier longer life (assuming you don’t harm your body with toxins), and, what we all try to get more of each and every day, improve sleep. This article doesn’t just explain how walking improves your health, but it discusses how walking is a lifestyle that improves your all around life. Walking at least once a day for at least thirty minutes is all it takes for an individual to change his life around. A color walk is just one of the numerous ways we can start to become healthier and have a better lifestyle.

Color Walking and Our Vision


Pappas, Stephanie. “How Do We See Color?” LiveScience. TechMedia Network, 29 Apr. 2010. Web. 24 Mar. 2016.

Why do certain colors and objects catch our eyes better than others? Color walks are and interesting way of exploring the world around us and really open our eyes up to colors that are very vibrant. The reason we see these colors more efficiently than some others is due to wavelengths given off of the objects. This article helps explain why when we go on color runs we get sent in the directions we do. This article explains how we see color and why things that appear brighter give off a stronger wavelength compared to those colors that are duller in the human eye. On average we tend to see around four hundred (lowest light we can see without going into ultraviolet waves) to seven hundred (towards the higher end of the spectrum, usually your reds) nanometers of wavelengths. The human eye is one of the best to recognize color in the entire mammalian phylum according to the article. With our three cone type eyes, we tend to catch colors more vibrantly than other animals.

The Results of Color Walking


“8 Reasons Why Walking Is Great for Your Health.” 8 Reasons Why Walking Is Great for Your Health. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Mar. 2016

Recently we have discussed the topic of color walking and how it can take an individual on an adventure of a lifetime. Color walks not only promote adventure but also a healthy lifestyle while having fun. Because of color walks and the recent studying of the idea, I would also like to discuss some of the benefits of color walking. In this article the first major point on emphasis walking does for someone is lower their cholesterol which creates a twenty seven percent chance of someone less likely having a stroke. Not only does walking lower cholesterol and lower your chances of a stroke, it also prevents the likelihood of someone getting diabetes and helps lose weight. Currently in America, more than two thirds (68.8%) of the population is considered obese and overweight. Thus also meaning more than two thirds of Americans are subject to getting some sort of diabetes disease or having a stroke. Although walking cannot prevent these things from entirely happening, it can lower your risks and promote a healthier lifestyle.

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Online and abuse is a topic we tend to discuss a lot this time in life, as social media and most topics and subject matters are now held online. In the article “Better Online Living Through Content Moderation,” Melissa King explains the abuse and harm that online media can cause others without content control features. Explaining that some users possibly suffer from PTSD or can develop PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) because of the online bullying and topics that could trigger anxiety, King believes content filters are valuable and should be used for mostly every website. King then spoke out upon the criticism individual’s face when expressing their opposition to the subject matter and how it becomes the victim’s issue once attacked through the internet. King stated “This advice is generalized to the point of uselessness, because not every “disagreement” is a simple difference of opinion: there are online aggressors that genuinely invoke anxiety attacks, or subject people to threats of violence. Content control is helpful in limiting the worst of these attacks, which themselves can cause PTSD if severe or long-term enough” on the belief that victims should ‘just deal with it.’ Although she believes content control isn’t guaranteed to stop abuse, she believes it will limit the amount of abuse and shouldn’t be discouraged.

King later touched on the topic of exposure therapy and how those who face PTSD are not just sensitive individuals, as it is possible to limit their trauma from PTSD. King explained exposure therapy as “a type of therapy designed to combat severe anxiety through gradual and controlled exposure to its source, to inure an individual to these triggers and lesson the disruptions they can cause. The misapplication of this concept to content control discussions represents a misunderstanding of human psychology: Exposure Therapy is not about having random internet strangers hurl insults and threats at someone with the hope they somehow come out more mentally durable.” She agreed that it may not be completely curable but it is better to attempt to limit the amount of exposure those individuals face with content filters. King also began to speak out on those individuals who opposed the content filters (the ones who believe that some individuals just are too soft and they are just mean words so they should get over themselves) by noting a credible psychologist whose primary field of study is anxiety, Caleb Lack. King wants others to realize the severity of this harassment and that long-term exposure is a cause to PTSD.

To conclude the article King finalized the discussion with the depth of blocking lists and how even those can be easily gotten around. In the article King explained women are primary targets for online abuse but any individual can be subject to online abuse. King believes “people should be allowed to set their own personal boundaries, and disregarding those personal boundaries should be seen as disrespectful at best.” King hopes that through this article people will begin to see the harm online abuse can cause and that people should be allowed to mitigate from situations they can’t handle.

Reading Summary 5


Color Walking by Phia Bennin and Brendan McMullan is an intriguing article that explains the experiment and adventure the two individuals took that allowed them to view the world and its natural beauty. This walk was a way for Bennin and McMullan to explore the little things that usually goes ignored and let the things that catch their eyes lead them into an adventure of a lifetime. William Burroughs used color walks as a way to bring back memories and reminisce on memories that wouldn’t be brought up on a daily basis. Burroughs stated “Notice how the colors begin to stand out more sharply of their own accord. I was walking on yellow when I saw a yellow amphibious jeep near the corner of 94th Street and Central Park West. It was called the Thing. This reminded me of the Thing I knew in Mexico” explaining the exercise and how it is effective on not only the awareness of colors but also the effects of taking the time to focus on the little things that usually go unnoticed. Bennin and McMullan deciding to give it a try, started their own color walk in experimentation of Burroughs research. The two said “At the end of the afternoon, the colors hung in our brains and eyes. We walked away seeing a world brimming over with colors…” on their experience of the color walk. The article then goes on to discuss how to properly prepare yourself for your own color walk with steps and hints to reach the full experience of a color walk. To receive the full experience, one should dedicate uninterrupted time (away from cell phones, social media, and other things we tend to get so easily distracted by) to just open their minds and focus primarily on eye-popping objects. In Bennin and McMullan’s color walk, they started with blues and followed a blue scarf until they came across another eye-popping bleu object, chipping nails. Nearly getting on a train following the blue nails, they were luckily distracted by basketball courts and watched the sport until a purple shirt continued their journey. From the purple shirt, a pair of purple leopard pants gained the attention of the experimentalists thus leading them to a pink and purple shirt. The recent changing of color to color made the experience an adventure of a lifetime and made better acquaintances of those random strangers. The color walk brought more awareness and attention to the author’s surroundings and left them with a world full of color. After the color walk, the authors also began to see more noticeable colors stand out, whether it be a shirt, nails, or a roof on a brick building. From the article, an audience could tell Brennin and McMullan had immediately became more aware of the world around them and was more appreciative of the littler things in this busy world. From the author’s experiences, they definitely recommend taking a color walk and following these steps: Give yourself an hour of uninterrupted time, no commutes, no errands, just eye time; Pick a color, or let a color pick you–follow the one that makes your heart go thump-thump; and If you get lost, pick another color. If you get really lost, you’re on the right track.

Built Environment: The Varsity


The Varsity in Atlanta is one of Georgia’s premier tourist attractions. The picture displayed above is from one of the many entrances from the Varsity, this one being from the spring Street side. As you walk in you are greeted with red and white colors and a retro older feeling with a great upbeat vibe. Straight ahead is the menu and workers loudly yelling “what’ll ya have?” with a very energetic feel to it. It’s very upbeat and much like the articles previously read, a good home feel to it. The feeling of being wanted by some many employees just to take YOUR order makes you feel at home and very important in a fast food environment


The image displayed above, shows a brief wall of history, dating back to the grand opening in 1928. This wall of history is significant because it shows the meaning and tradition behind the food and traditions of the restaurant. Although the food is not the greatest, the history and great customer service is what continues to bring thousands of customers daily. The sign also proceeds to discuss the amount of food and ingredients used daily to inform customers and guests (for a more “homey” feel) the process it takes each and every day to satisfy their wants and needs.


In the picture above, you can see a display of the menu and multiple satisfied customers. Along with the customers, you can see the many employees working each day. The availability to order at many different registers as displayed above portrays the welcoming and convenient atmosphere that The Varsity provides. In addition, you will notice the old and classic details within their décor which provides a unique and classic diner experience. Overall, The Varsity has a noticeably laid-back vibe as it welcomes all for any occasion.


The Varsity represents a very family oriented environment that offers a unique variety of food and a once in a lifetime experience to one of Atlanta’s busiest, historic restaurants. Along with the classic ballpark food that is offered, The Varsity also provides an option of ice cream and souvenirs for tourists passing through. As seen in the image above, ice cream and gifts are offered in addition to their main menu items such as their famous pies. In addition, the Varsity provides a full experience of all they have to offer while accommodating both taste and tourists, families and large groups.





A unique characteristic that The Varsity offers is the different seating arrangements offered in their dining rooms. One in particular can be seen in the image above. Unlike most restaurants, The Varsity provides a classic experience to their customers by offering antique school desks as a seating option while also providing entertainment while you eat. In addition, to assist the needs of their customers, they also conveniently provide all condiments and necessities in each dining area. The Varsity provides a one of a kind dining experience for each guest unlike any other restaurant provides within the greater Atlanta area.