Built Environment (exterior) Narrative

Overall Moreland Avenue is flowing of creativity and different individuals from East Atlanta and Little Five Points. The two areas are both significantly different and gave me two different feelings. Little Five gave off an area of creative humans with a hippie relaxed feeling while East Atlanta gave me a less secure feeling as some parts were sketchier than others. Little Five was covered in artistic graffiti and vibrant colors while East Atlanta was more run down and required more security. The restaurants and food choices also varied upon each location. Little Five had multiple restaurants all in walking distance and the famous Vortex. The Vortex is significant to Little Five Points because it attracts many tourists and celebrity visitors for its monstrous burgers and twenty-one and up policy. East Atlanta, on the other hand, has some newer buildings and more “hole-in-the-wall” places that go along with the typical fast food restaurants (McDonald’s, Cookout, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc.). Moreland Avenue stretches a measurable distance and collects all types of life from rich to homeless and can be one of the most popular streets in Atlanta for Little Five Points and East Atlanta. The community is genuinely nice and has comfortable homes along Moreland. Moreland Avenue is beginning to renovate more of the space and build more apartment housing for the popularity and individuals wanting to move there. Currently they are building apartments in between East Atlanta and Little Five Points in an area known as Cabbagetown (nice area just not as well-known as Little Five or East Atlanta). Moreland Avenue is growing to become one of the biggest communities in Atlanta because it is connected to so many areas and is an adventure of a lifetime.

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