Corrected* Digital Built Environment Description



When observing the digital space of the Atlanta Police one first notices the traditional colors of the website, blue and white. At the top a black and white photo of Atlanta is displayed with the lights specifically shining a brighter white than the rest of the photo. The website also offers something that is really unique compared to all other websites; it offers the entire website to be translated to Spanish rather than original English. This is extremely unique, yet beneficial considering the amount of Hispanic workers we employ yearly. As you continue on the page, it offers career options on how to apply and where to go, anonymous submissions, and information regarding the Atlanta police. This website is extremely traditional regarding the color layout but offers unique characteristics that no other website I’ve seen has.

The Greatest Adventure


Andrews, Candice Gaukel. “10 Reasons Adventure Travel Is Good For You.” Good Nature. N.p., 07 July 2015. Web. 24 Mar. 2016.

Color walks lead an individual into an adventure that becomes unknown. Although adventures at times can be frightening, they are beneficial too. Some people may wonder “how can a spontaneous adventure be beneficial other than walking?” This article helps identify how adventures are beneficial to an individual’s growth. Author Candice Andrews shows a list hitting three major points and how adventures are beneficial. Her three major topics of discussion are: physical wellness, mental wellness and an enlightened soul. Andrews explained how adventures are helpful to one’s physical wellness because not only can adventure limit health issues, but ‘being dirty improves your health.’ Andrews explains that being too cleanly can lead to health issues like asthma or an increase in allergies. Andrews then began to talk about the mental wellness and how adventure is spontaneous so it can prepare the mind for any uncertainty. At times when people tend to get uncomfortable they don’t know how to respond and mentally breakdown. Going on adventures can prevent that and help an individual cope with life’s uncertainties. The last discussion Andrews made was the enlightenment of one’s soul. Andrews strongly believes that adventure helps feed one’s dreams and builds confidence and pushes people to dream bigger. Color walks provide all three of the topics discussed making it an adventure of a lifetime that we should all try once.

The Lifestyle of Walking



“12 Benefits of Walking.” Walking Program. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Mar. 2016.

In a previous annotated bibliography I discussed an article on how walking reduces cholesterol and prevents disease while improving weight loss. In this article by the Arthritis foundation, shows evidence and proof how walking does prevent disease and is highly beneficial to the body. This article actually discusses and analyzes more benefits from walking than the previous. Walking can lead to a better longer and healthier life. Walking is scientifically proven to reduce stress, create a healthier longer life (assuming you don’t harm your body with toxins), and, what we all try to get more of each and every day, improve sleep. This article doesn’t just explain how walking improves your health, but it discusses how walking is a lifestyle that improves your all around life. Walking at least once a day for at least thirty minutes is all it takes for an individual to change his life around. A color walk is just one of the numerous ways we can start to become healthier and have a better lifestyle.

Color Walking and Our Vision


Pappas, Stephanie. “How Do We See Color?” LiveScience. TechMedia Network, 29 Apr. 2010. Web. 24 Mar. 2016.

Why do certain colors and objects catch our eyes better than others? Color walks are and interesting way of exploring the world around us and really open our eyes up to colors that are very vibrant. The reason we see these colors more efficiently than some others is due to wavelengths given off of the objects. This article helps explain why when we go on color runs we get sent in the directions we do. This article explains how we see color and why things that appear brighter give off a stronger wavelength compared to those colors that are duller in the human eye. On average we tend to see around four hundred (lowest light we can see without going into ultraviolet waves) to seven hundred (towards the higher end of the spectrum, usually your reds) nanometers of wavelengths. The human eye is one of the best to recognize color in the entire mammalian phylum according to the article. With our three cone type eyes, we tend to catch colors more vibrantly than other animals.

The Results of Color Walking


“8 Reasons Why Walking Is Great for Your Health.” 8 Reasons Why Walking Is Great for Your Health. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Mar. 2016

Recently we have discussed the topic of color walking and how it can take an individual on an adventure of a lifetime. Color walks not only promote adventure but also a healthy lifestyle while having fun. Because of color walks and the recent studying of the idea, I would also like to discuss some of the benefits of color walking. In this article the first major point on emphasis walking does for someone is lower their cholesterol which creates a twenty seven percent chance of someone less likely having a stroke. Not only does walking lower cholesterol and lower your chances of a stroke, it also prevents the likelihood of someone getting diabetes and helps lose weight. Currently in America, more than two thirds (68.8%) of the population is considered obese and overweight. Thus also meaning more than two thirds of Americans are subject to getting some sort of diabetes disease or having a stroke. Although walking cannot prevent these things from entirely happening, it can lower your risks and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Annotated Bib. “The Varsity in Atlanta: Where memories (and chili dogs) are made”

Brock, Wendell. “The Varsity in Atlanta: Where Memories (and Chili) Are Made.” The Varsity in Atlanta: Where Memories (and Chili) Are Made. Atlanta Journal Constitution, 21 Oct. 2015. Web. 23 Feb. 2016.


In this article of Atlanta hot spot, The Varsity, author Wendell Brock explains the “magic” behind the success and popularity of the world’s largest drive-in restaurant. Brock explains, it’s not the food that impresses him or the customer service, but “…this venerable institution is how little it has changed” is what impresses him to this day. Brock discusses the color wave and the old time style pattern which allows reminiscences of previous occurrences in the past. Brock goes as far as describing the plate and how the food is delivered that makes remember the first time he had the Varsity in the 1980’s.

This article benefits my research by allowing a deeper insight into the company, past the food and past the service to see a part of history. Brock showed the history behind the Varsity and what makes it a high demand even after all these years. The food may not be all that good nor the customer service (compared to articles explaining the service) but the memories created there will last a lifetime. That is definitely going to open my mind and think greater and further than just what is in front of me at the moment, but into the depth and history behind the little things (plates, cups, attire, food, etc.).

Annotated Bib. “The Varsity: Owners of Atlanta Icon Face a Big Decision”

Kempner, Matt. “The Varsity, Atlanta’s Chili Dog Palace, Considers Its Future.” The Varsity, Atlanta’s Chili Dog Palace, Considers Its Future. The Atlanta Journal Constitution, 11 Feb. 2016. Web. 23 Feb. 2016.


In this article published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, author Matt Kempner explains the recent shutting down of the Alpharetta location Varsity. In doing so, he also received word from president Gordon Muir, that the future plans of The Varsity is to open multiple smaller locations throughout the state (Winder being the first one to be established). Kempner then explains the reason the Varsity is of such high demand. Matt Kempner states “When I was indoctrinated enough to order a Frosted Orange drink at the Athens restaurant just by saying, “I’ll have an F.O.,” it may have been the first time I felt like I had become a legit Georgian,” giving hints the food isn’t what brings customers back, but the customer service and the relationship built between the restaurant and customer keeps The Varsity thriving.


This article is beneficial for my research with my interior built environment analysis, as it lays a foundation to what I should be looking for within The Varsity. This article, much like the one previously posted, focuses a lot on customer service and the relationship built between the restaurant and customer. Although the food is only considered decent, because of this article, I will be allowed to focus more on the relationships and things (according to the recent articles I’ve read) that keep The Varsity one of the most famous restaurants in Atlanta.

Annotated Bib. “The Varsity: Atlanta’s Classic Car Keeps on Cruising”

Olmsted, Larry. “The Varsity: Atlanta’s Classic Car Hop Keeps on Cruising.”USA Today. Gannett, 14 Feb. 2014. Web. 23 Feb. 2016.


In this article, author Larry Olmsted critics one of Atlanta’s most famous landmarks, The Varsity. He begins the article by explaining the scene and mood set around the restaurant, relaxed and a sporty feel to it. Olmsted also went into detail on all the restaurant has to offer including: dine-in, carry-out, or to-go through a window (much like sonic). Olmsted also told the capacity at which it can hold (600 cars and 800 diners). He later began to get in depth with the food and service, like a critic should, and pointed out the strengths and flaws. Olmsted even related to an past occurrence stating that “…the service is the same friendly, if a bit abrupt, smooth operation it has been since I first visited 20 years ago.” Olmsted pointed out many flaws and strengths in The Varsity, but ultimately agreed it was a “road-trip cuisine.”

I plan to use this article to help with my in-depth research of The Varsity as an interior design. This article really points out the history behind The Varsity with its customer service and popular food. This article is beneficial to me and my research, as it allows more depth and understanding of what I am studying to realize The Varsity is more than a restaurant, it is a part of history and has been since 1928.


Built Environment

25ef5270-31b3-4f00-a912-c20183acb6fcBuilt Environment

In this image of East Atlanta, the Moreland Avenue street sign is placed behind the big welcoming sign of East Atlanta. This part of Moreland Avenue sets off a sketchy vibe at certain areas, while also giving a laid-back “chill” vibe in the others. It felt almost relaxing once you get to the nicer areas where the bars, restaurants, and shopping strips are.

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