What Makes the Varsity so Successful When There’s Plenty of other Chain restaurants in Atlanta?

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The Varsity: One-of-a-Kind Dining

Recently over the course of this semester we have studied and analyzed multiple locations and gave vast insight of the environment. Between Moreland Avenue, The Varsity and the Atlanta Police Department, the Varsity particularly had a greater impact on me than the other two. The first thing noticeable was the red and white colors and the old-style sports theme, which instantly attracted me to the restaurant. Upon walking through the door a loud “what’ll ya have” will overtake the visitor and make them take notice of the fast paced restaurant they have just entered. The fast paced environment doesn’t make the guest feel uneasy, but at a place you can call home. As you approach the counter you’re studying the menu to find they serve burgers, chilidogs, world famous onion rings, and the exclusive one-of-a-kind frosted orange (a frozen orange sherbet type of drink). After you give your order and receive your food, you go look for a seat but notice each room is different. In one room you have school desks as if you were back in elementary school, while in the next room you have booths and tables with a few TV’s displaying the current sports game, and in the last room you see booths and glass windows displaying a scenic view of Atlanta. As you make your choice and sit down, you begin to eat and taste the dry hamburger with non-melted cheese, basic condiments, and chili hit your lips and you’re in awe. You’re not in awe of the taste, but the lack of quality the food has, but you still continue to eat. You’re still excited but every bite seemingly less appetizing until finally you’ve finished and can enjoy your frosted orange in peace. You leave full and moderately satisfied but with an experience you enjoyed, so you’ll probably come back the next time you crave a frosted orange. The Varsity in Atlanta is a major tourist attraction, while tending to celebrities and even our president, Barak Obama. Why do we insist on coming to an average fast food restaurant that has not only limitations to just Georgia, but also doesn’t excite our taste buds like they do our experience? The Varsity Creates a one-of-a-kind experience but lacks in quality of food, are moderately pricey, and have limited locations. To be this popular, the Varsity must expand, whether it is further in Georgia or out-of-state, lower prices, and focus more on the quality of the food they serve. These simple fixtures will give guests a reason to come to this particular fast food restaurant as opposed to Zaxby’s, Cookout, Chick-fil-A, and so forth.

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What’s the Current Issues with the Varsity?

Atlanta is one of the most well-known cities in the nation and has millions of visitors from out of the state each day. In 2012 alone, Atlanta had 42 million visitors breaking records and putting Atlanta at the prestigious level of California and its major cities (Los Angeles, San Diego) and including Las Vegas, Nevada. With this many visitors passing through Atlanta, the Varsity needs to do everything they can to increase customers, thus increasing profitability. The first thing the Varsity needs to change is the quality of their food. When receiving a meal, the food tends to come out dry and not fresh at all. Customers would rather have a fresh burger with freshly melted cheese and condiments and wait a little longer than have a poorly made burger. In fast food restaurants time is of the essence but so is quality. It is important to maximize efficiency while producing top quality foods. Food critic Todd Brock commented on the Varsity’s burgers saying “This burger (and don’t kid yourself; the menu’s other hamburgers are no better, not even with that otherwise – glorious chili sauce) is exactly on par with your standard god awful grade-school-cafeteria burger… The only upsides I can come up with are that it’s inexpensive, and that after six bites, it’s gone forever.” With reviews of such, the Varsity loses thousands of customers (essentially profits) daily. The next thing the Varsity has issues with is pricing. Although it may seem moderately cheap on the menu, items are sold individually rather than a meal deal. Competitors like Wendy’s, Burger King, Cookout, and McDonald’s offer meals with a fresh burger (or chicken sandwich by choice), hot fries, and chicken nuggets for a low price of four dollars. To compete with other fast food restaurants the Varsity must lower their prices or come up with some sort of meal or dollar menu (much like McDonald’s) that makes people want to choose the Varsity over other chained fast food restaurants. Yelp has the average cost around ten dollars a person, which is fairly high for the line of food they serve. If the Varsity wants to compete with its competitors, it must come up with a value meal or menu to entice customers. The last thing the Varsity needs to do is expand their locations. Currently there are five major Varsity locations: Downtown Atlanta (most popular), Gwinnett, Athens, Marietta, and two inside of the Hartsfield Jackson Airport. Because of such limitations, the maximum profits that could be achieved are lowered. A wise professor once told me, “if you’re not growing (in business terms), you’re shrinking.” The Varsity, fortunate enough, has built a reputation here in Atlanta and has customers from all over the globe, but if they expanded and grew outside of Metro Atlanta and possibly to other states, they could become one of the top grossing fast food restaurants. Unfortunately, a recent Alpharetta location shut down due to operating costs and not enough revenue brought in. This recent shut down puts limitations on locations and makes it difficult to get to the Varsity causing a loss in potential revenue. Overall, the Varsity has several changes it needs to make to improve customer experience, increase sales revenue, and inquire more customers to all locations.




What Can The Varsity Do To Become a “Must Go To” Fast Food Restaurant?

Downtown Atlanta is probably the best location to have this restaurant, with Georgia Tech right across the street and the Phillips Arena and the Georgia Dome a few miles further. I recommend for the Varsity to expand beyond Atlanta and beyond Metro Atlanta. Currently, the Varsity has five prime locations and soon to be sixth in Winder, Georgia. Although they are expanding by one location, it is North near the Gwinnett location still causing an inconvenience to thoe from the southern part of Georgia. If any expansion in Georgia happens, it needs to be further south where communities are starting to grow such as: Henry County, Macon, and around Savannah or Valdosta. Essentially, adding only northern locations they are making it more convenient to their customers, but just spreading revenue out among the locations, rather than increasing revenue. Atlanta (where the prime location is located) is located towards the North West part of Georgia, leaving the southern part of Georgia less likely to experience this environment and restaurant. Also, the Varsity should consider expanding outside of Georgia and possibly expand to Alabama, Tennessee, or South Carolina. I recommend these particular states because we are all located in the Southeast and making a leap to New York or California could be extremely costly and very competitive. The next thing I recommend for the Varsity is to take more time when preparing food and, if needed, find another supplier who will supply the restaurant with quality produce for the lowest price. Food critics are constantly blogging on the low quality food the Varsity serves (especially the burgers) which, instead of receiving a five star rating, the Varsity only receives a three star rating. A simple fixture of taking more time on the food and ensuring it is freshly prepared and freshly made can be the difference in a five star dining experience and a three star. The Varsity has the experience, they have the customers, and they have the customer service, the Varsity just needs to up their food quality and their ratings would sky rocket and customer base would increase exponentially. The Varsity creates an once-in-a-lifetime experience and should consider expanding and increasing food quality over quantity.




The Varsity Today

The Varsity was founded in 1928 by Frank Gordy, starting the untouchable “what’ll ya have” tradition. Currently the Varsity in Downtown Atlanta is known as the ‘World’s Largest Drive-In Restaurant’ and can fit roughly six hundred cars and eight hundred guests inside the building. With a title like this, it is no wonder why people from all over the globe come to visit. On Georgia Tech game days alone, the Varsity roughly sees around thirty thousand people in one day. Each say the Varsity ends up using (straight from their website which can be found in the citations) “two miles of hotdogs, a ton of onions, twenty-five hundred pounds of potatoes, five thousand fried pies, and three hundred gallons of chili.” Along with Dine-In and Take-out, the Varsity also offers a drive in system which car hops (employees who bring food to your car as you order through them or a machine) bring you your meal. The Varsity offers plenty of ways to receive their traditional food, but perhaps you’re unavailable to make it their or you’re having an office meeting, the Varsity also offers catering. The Varsity continues to grow and become a “must go to” in Atlanta for its rare experience, ball park food, and retro tradition.


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Why Is The Varsity So Successful and What Makes Them Different from Competitors?

The Varsity is one of the most extremely successful fast food restaurants in the nation. Holding the title of “World’s Largest Drive-in,” to serving nearly thirty thousand people in a single day, the Varsity creates and gives an experience you can’t receive anywhere else. So how does the Varsity differ from other fast food restaurants who offer similar and sometimes better food? It’s simple, the Varsity, unlike Zaxby’s, Wendy’s, or McDonald’s offers three types of forms to receiving food; They have walk-in/take-out, drive-in, and dine in, whereas the competitors only offer drive thru or dine in. The Varsity also has fewer locations. While having fewer locations can harm them, it also helps them. Having fewer locations creates supply and demand; because they have fewer locations (supply) the demand for the Varsity, while in Atlanta or near the other locations, is increased causing customers to prefer the Varsity. Nowhere else can you get shouted at with “what’ll ya have” and feel as comfortable as you would at the Varsity. It’s the franchise saying for every order and creates a rush of excitement as you are thrust into the fast paced restaurant style. Little things in the restaurant business matter and because the Varsity creates that life changing experience, customers will settle for a lesser quality of food and understand everyone there is trying to get the same (but different) experience as those surrounding them. Success isn’t made over night and the traditions that brought the Varsity to where it is today, will continue to create success as they choose to expand this experience across the globe.




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Built Environment Analysis Outline

Argument: Why is the Varsity so successful with obstacles such as limited locations, pricey food, and constrained food choices, when there are plenty of other chain restaurants who serve similar fresher products?

Intro: Introduce the Varsity and what is has to offer, while also stating the problems that could use improvement.

Body 1: Address the problems of the Varsity

Body 2: Propose a solution to the problems and in detail explain why these solutions would work.

Body 3: Answer why the way the varsity is and how it has built an accredited name for itself, despite having these obstacles.

Conclusion: Restate the argument and explain what makes the Varsity different and more desirable than these other chain restaurants.

Built Environment (exterior) Narrative

Overall Moreland Avenue is flowing of creativity and different individuals from East Atlanta and Little Five Points. The two areas are both significantly different and gave me two different feelings. Little Five gave off an area of creative humans with a hippie relaxed feeling while East Atlanta gave me a less secure feeling as some parts were sketchier than others. Little Five was covered in artistic graffiti and vibrant colors while East Atlanta was more run down and required more security. The restaurants and food choices also varied upon each location. Little Five had multiple restaurants all in walking distance and the famous Vortex. The Vortex is significant to Little Five Points because it attracts many tourists and celebrity visitors for its monstrous burgers and twenty-one and up policy. East Atlanta, on the other hand, has some newer buildings and more “hole-in-the-wall” places that go along with the typical fast food restaurants (McDonald’s, Cookout, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc.). Moreland Avenue stretches a measurable distance and collects all types of life from rich to homeless and can be one of the most popular streets in Atlanta for Little Five Points and East Atlanta. The community is genuinely nice and has comfortable homes along Moreland. Moreland Avenue is beginning to renovate more of the space and build more apartment housing for the popularity and individuals wanting to move there. Currently they are building apartments in between East Atlanta and Little Five Points in an area known as Cabbagetown (nice area just not as well-known as Little Five or East Atlanta). Moreland Avenue is growing to become one of the biggest communities in Atlanta because it is connected to so many areas and is an adventure of a lifetime.

Digital Built Environment

whole thing

The Atlanta Police department was founded in the 1890’s and has been around ever since. In the image above, the Atlanta police website (http://www.atlantapd.org/apdhistory.aspx) is displayed showing the front page. As you can see the colors are navy blue and white with a black and white image of the city in the background. In the middle of the page shows the most recent slides and what’s going on around the city and how the police are involved with the community around them.  The city image in the background is not only creative, but also resembles what the police stand to serve and protect.


police titles g

The most interesting thing about this site and makes it different from others is the tabs. Not just the actual tabs but the fact they give the option to change just this entire website to Spanish without having to change your settings on your computer. This is extremely beneficial to the immigrants that come into the states (more specifically Atlanta) and have English as a second language. Along with the Spanish offering, the tabs offer information about the history of the police, the certain divisions, career paths, and many other options to the select from.


major key alerts

If a user was displayed with the front page, in the bottom right they would find this box which shows how up-to-date the website and police department in a whole are. It is titled “Important Links” and gives way to access many beneficial links at a more efficient way than to call or drive to the police department. They also offer links to follow them on social media, which not to mention is huge. We check social media roughly seventeen times a day and with the police department up-to-date, it is easier access to get in touch with them at any given moment.


Overall, the Atlanta Police Department’s site is very easy to navigate with simple access to everything needed on the home page. It is currently used to keep citizens of Atlanta informed of the community involvement, factual information on the police department, and providing opportunities to those in need of a job. The Atlanta Police are here to “Protect and Serve” and this website and environment makes their job a lot easier to focus on with simple access to everything an audience would need in one area.

Corrected* Digital Built Environment Description



When observing the digital space of the Atlanta Police one first notices the traditional colors of the website, blue and white. At the top a black and white photo of Atlanta is displayed with the lights specifically shining a brighter white than the rest of the photo. The website also offers something that is really unique compared to all other websites; it offers the entire website to be translated to Spanish rather than original English. This is extremely unique, yet beneficial considering the amount of Hispanic workers we employ yearly. As you continue on the page, it offers career options on how to apply and where to go, anonymous submissions, and information regarding the Atlanta police. This website is extremely traditional regarding the color layout but offers unique characteristics that no other website I’ve seen has.