Built Environment (exterior) Narrative

Overall Moreland Avenue is flowing of creativity and different individuals from East Atlanta and Little Five Points. The two areas are both significantly different and gave me two different feelings. Little Five gave off an area of creative humans with a hippie relaxed feeling while East Atlanta gave me a less secure feeling as some parts were sketchier than others. Little Five was covered in artistic graffiti and vibrant colors while East Atlanta was more run down and required more security. The restaurants and food choices also varied upon each location. Little Five had multiple restaurants all in walking distance and the famous Vortex. The Vortex is significant to Little Five Points because it attracts many tourists and celebrity visitors for its monstrous burgers and twenty-one and up policy. East Atlanta, on the other hand, has some newer buildings and more “hole-in-the-wall” places that go along with the typical fast food restaurants (McDonald’s, Cookout, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc.). Moreland Avenue stretches a measurable distance and collects all types of life from rich to homeless and can be one of the most popular streets in Atlanta for Little Five Points and East Atlanta. The community is genuinely nice and has comfortable homes along Moreland. Moreland Avenue is beginning to renovate more of the space and build more apartment housing for the popularity and individuals wanting to move there. Currently they are building apartments in between East Atlanta and Little Five Points in an area known as Cabbagetown (nice area just not as well-known as Little Five or East Atlanta). Moreland Avenue is growing to become one of the biggest communities in Atlanta because it is connected to so many areas and is an adventure of a lifetime.

Digital Built Environment

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The Atlanta Police department was founded in the 1890’s and has been around ever since. In the image above, the Atlanta police website (http://www.atlantapd.org/apdhistory.aspx) is displayed showing the front page. As you can see the colors are navy blue and white with a black and white image of the city in the background. In the middle of the page shows the most recent slides and what’s going on around the city and how the police are involved with the community around them.  The city image in the background is not only creative, but also resembles what the police stand to serve and protect.


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The most interesting thing about this site and makes it different from others is the tabs. Not just the actual tabs but the fact they give the option to change just this entire website to Spanish without having to change your settings on your computer. This is extremely beneficial to the immigrants that come into the states (more specifically Atlanta) and have English as a second language. Along with the Spanish offering, the tabs offer information about the history of the police, the certain divisions, career paths, and many other options to the select from.


major key alerts

If a user was displayed with the front page, in the bottom right they would find this box which shows how up-to-date the website and police department in a whole are. It is titled “Important Links” and gives way to access many beneficial links at a more efficient way than to call or drive to the police department. They also offer links to follow them on social media, which not to mention is huge. We check social media roughly seventeen times a day and with the police department up-to-date, it is easier access to get in touch with them at any given moment.


Overall, the Atlanta Police Department’s site is very easy to navigate with simple access to everything needed on the home page. It is currently used to keep citizens of Atlanta informed of the community involvement, factual information on the police department, and providing opportunities to those in need of a job. The Atlanta Police are here to “Protect and Serve” and this website and environment makes their job a lot easier to focus on with simple access to everything an audience would need in one area.

Built Environment: The Varsity


The Varsity in Atlanta is one of Georgia’s premier tourist attractions. The picture displayed above is from one of the many entrances from the Varsity, this one being from the spring Street side. As you walk in you are greeted with red and white colors and a retro older feeling with a great upbeat vibe. Straight ahead is the menu and workers loudly yelling “what’ll ya have?” with a very energetic feel to it. It’s very upbeat and much like the articles previously read, a good home feel to it. The feeling of being wanted by some many employees just to take YOUR order makes you feel at home and very important in a fast food environment


The image displayed above, shows a brief wall of history, dating back to the grand opening in 1928. This wall of history is significant because it shows the meaning and tradition behind the food and traditions of the restaurant. Although the food is not the greatest, the history and great customer service is what continues to bring thousands of customers daily. The sign also proceeds to discuss the amount of food and ingredients used daily to inform customers and guests (for a more “homey” feel) the process it takes each and every day to satisfy their wants and needs.


In the picture above, you can see a display of the menu and multiple satisfied customers. Along with the customers, you can see the many employees working each day. The availability to order at many different registers as displayed above portrays the welcoming and convenient atmosphere that The Varsity provides. In addition, you will notice the old and classic details within their décor which provides a unique and classic diner experience. Overall, The Varsity has a noticeably laid-back vibe as it welcomes all for any occasion.


The Varsity represents a very family oriented environment that offers a unique variety of food and a once in a lifetime experience to one of Atlanta’s busiest, historic restaurants. Along with the classic ballpark food that is offered, The Varsity also provides an option of ice cream and souvenirs for tourists passing through. As seen in the image above, ice cream and gifts are offered in addition to their main menu items such as their famous pies. In addition, the Varsity provides a full experience of all they have to offer while accommodating both taste and tourists, families and large groups.





A unique characteristic that The Varsity offers is the different seating arrangements offered in their dining rooms. One in particular can be seen in the image above. Unlike most restaurants, The Varsity provides a classic experience to their customers by offering antique school desks as a seating option while also providing entertainment while you eat. In addition, to assist the needs of their customers, they also conveniently provide all condiments and necessities in each dining area. The Varsity provides a one of a kind dining experience for each guest unlike any other restaurant provides within the greater Atlanta area.

Built Environment

134e61d7-fa98-4bb4-9a04-b2be9c071889In this image of the Little Five Points sign, placed on Moreland Avenue, one could easily see the environment and feeling around the area. Little Five points gives off a “hippy” vibe while allowing people to explore deep into their creative arts side. It is definitely a good soft feeling without worry or any sense of life threatening danger (unlike some areas of Moreland Avenue).

Built Environment

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In this image of East Atlanta, the Moreland Avenue street sign is placed behind the big welcoming sign of East Atlanta. This part of Moreland Avenue sets off a sketchy vibe at certain areas, while also giving a laid-back “chill” vibe in the others. It felt almost relaxing once you get to the nicer areas where the bars, restaurants, and shopping strips are.

Annotated Bib. 3

Morris, Mike. “Two Suspects Arrested after Allegedly Robbing Moreland Avenue…” Two Suspects Arrested after Allegedly Robbing Moreland Avenue… N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Feb. 2016.

In this article, author Mike Morris was explaining a recent armed robbery that took place inside of the Kroger on Moreland Avenue. In the last sentence of the article it was recorded as “The incident was the second robbery at the store in recent weeks” inferring crime is not unusual on Moreland Avenue. While Moreland Avenue has its nicer areas like Little Five Points and East Atlanta, it also has the less fortunate areas as well. This article helps me as a writer because it shows me there are also high crime rates in the areas that aren’t as nice as the others. Because of the length of Moreland Avenue it allows me to elaborate on not only the nice areas of the strip, but also inform one, that if they go too far they could end up in an area not so nice.

Annotated Bib. 2

“Little Five Points.” In Atlanta, GA. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Feb. 2016.

In this article, Little Five Points is glorified as being one of the top locations along Moreland Avenue. This is helpful for me or any visitors because it locates popular tourist areas along Moreland Avenue while giving multiple variations of entertainment and attractions for those new to Atlanta. Being one of the first areas you’ll encounter when going south on Moreland Avenue, you can view the unique culture and charismatic nature in Little Five Points. According to the article, it is well known for its street art, vintage shops and eateries. In addition, the article portrays how Moreland Avenue offers various locations suitable for any person regardless of what they are into; Little Five Points being for those more of the creative side. Although this is a specific location to such a broad topic, it allows me to highlight the multiple popular locations along Moreland Avenue that make it a well-known area of Atlanta.