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Hey, I'm from Brooklyn-my parents are from Panama. I'm a very vibrant individual, I love good people, and do not entertain or dwell on petty nonsense. I'm very persistent and have no plans on quitting. I look forward to becoming a more creative writer and interacting with great minds

BLOG #9 Baby Anatomy

The anatomy of a baby doll is equivalent to that of a baby. The structure of the baby doll is about the size of a one month old baby. The body of the baby doll is very delicate, S-shape spine taking usually up until one year to develop. Divided in to multiple stages, the uniqueness of the baby doll spine is essential to the way the baby is carried, held and even feed. The baby muscles are not strong enough to straighten up.
While the baby doll is at such a young age, it is important that we pay close attention to the anatomy, some of the baby doll Skeleton is still cartilage and bones haven’t completely formed. This process takes year and not finished until humans are completely grown

The baby doll will need to be properly held, the younger the baby the more supported need for the spine. A good baby carrier therefore supports the baby back firmly. The baby doll has short legs and arms. Also small round head,very comforting and extremely soft. The baby doll temperature is warm. In addition bring a scene of new beginnings and reminds me of the way little baby rely on adults for security.

Blog #8 Object Needs and Consumption

After reading all these interesting blog post and really asked to consider the idea’s behind the writers. I find that each individual look at consumption and fetish with consumption, and the connection with object from different experiences, and backgrounds totally different. However, ultimately has the same conclusion. In Sneezy article he poses a very interesting point. He made a statement “Food is good, we need to consume to survive”. However, I have a different aspect on it. I agree we need food to survive. But what I do think is that modern Americans are spoiled and totally abuse the idea, and confuse obsession and necessity. I think American is obsessed with having what they want, when they want, not particularly with food. I just feel like they’re so accustomed to having thing whenever they want. A great example is this image sneezy posted, it’s clear that this man do not need this to survive or even satisfy his hunger.
Similarly in Daniels blog post, I’ve noticed the connection to Sneezy post. In Daniel post he talks about the need to be part of the modern word. In my experiences people are indulging in the world of social media because it’s a reflection of who they are, a senses of wanting to belong. I agree in breathes a sense of loneliness because social media and technology alienates and causes loneliness. On the surface it appears that it connects people. However, in my experience I have observed people in the same room not communicating with each other, but on social media. People are no longer communicating on an intimate level.

People have the desire and want for thing according to the influences of modern America, However, it does the change the fact that individuals connect to things according to their needs of society it determine the object of significance. Like the idea of baby wearing, in certain society it was used and relied on to cope and survive.

History Of Babywearing

Baby carriers have been around for a very long time. Parents dating back to the early 1900s, wore a wide range of long cloths, shawls and scarves to snuggle their babies. In my opinion this was very creative. These items were formed into baby wearing. The idea was to allow their hands to be free by attaching their babies to their body. This allowed mother to do chores around the house. Men also wore them, but for a very long time men worked out in the field doing hard labor. However, as time progressed and women went out to work baby wearing became even more popular.
Baby wearing wasn’t exactly something special it’s just what was done to cope, because mother work so hard, it just wasn’t enough time to stop and cater to baby. In fact many types of traditional carrier are used in developing countries. Baby wearing was considered totally normal, basically a necessity and way of life. Each country or area of the world has a traditional baby carrier according to their culture. For example, Mexican people use the Rebozo, with babies usually on their back. European mothers used a mixture of wrap, pouches and cloth carrier to name a few.
When studying this object it was interesting, this object was used for different reason. It started as a way of managing mother busy life. As equally important this object formed an attachment between mothers and babies. Also, allowing the baby to still have the sense on feeling comfort, basically feeling snuggled as if they were still in their mother’s womb.

Culture Of Baby Wearing Blog #7

Lakisha Rose
Blog #7
For several weeks I have been studying the culture of baby wearing. I have read many articles, from different times in history about this particular object. Personally, when I had my first child I’ve never used one, I had one because it was a gift at my baby shower. However, I did what was convenient for me at that time and didn’t use it. What I’ve learned is that parents do what best fits their lifestyle. At the time when I had my first child, I was young and didn’t have the mother child connection. I was still in school and I was young and enjoyed hang out with my friend, so a stroller worked better for me.
While study the history of baby wearing objects, and took pictures. I noticed woman mainly in the early 1900 utilized these carriers for different reasons. Baby wearing wasn’t something special like it is in western cultures, woman worked hard and it was just what they did to cope. Mothers worked hard and didn’t have time to entertain babies. It was used to make life easier, each country in the world use a different type of baby carrier to fit their needs. For example, it depended on the climate, type of work they did. In addition, to the culture and traditional wearing position.
However, I learned that this object help build a connection to with mother. The reason is obvious; mothers are carrying babies 90% of the day. Throughout the semester we have been learning about the relationship between object and writing, objects and people. Also the way object make us feel. We also read about the history of old things. This is why I can appreciate the culture behind baby wearing. Why do you think certain cultures wear different types of baby wearing? For example, Mexican people use the Rebozo, which is a square of woven cloth tied over one shoulder with baby usually on the back

Blog #5 Objects connect to histroy and experiences

The first thing that come to mind when I think about and object, is normally something that can be seen or touched. However, after googling the definition I found that objects had multiple definitions. An object can also be someone or something that makes you feel a specified emotion.  While thinking about this, I realize that most useful objects are the most dangerous. In the article “What Is a Machete”. John Cline implies that any object can oscillate between useful and harmful weapon. He made some valid interesting points pertaining to a machete; from explain the history of it. Beginning with why people used a machete in earlier years. He stated “The machete bear an unusual character. It’s possible to conceive of it as a weapon, yes, but it’s also very much a tool- not altogether different from, say a shovel”. Object, are perceived differently, at different times. For example, in earlier times people used machete often to work out on the farm or to cut things like sugar canes. A machete can also be used to defend and protect. For instance, I have a baseball bat in my trunk in an event that I must defend myself.

baseball bat


However, this object is also used for a sport. This is one of many reason why I truly believe object is what that owner want it to be or used for.  In contrast, another, example of how people are affected and not necessarily be caused by a blunt physical object, is the idea of Arab spring. Cellphones and shared internet information can have an affect on people that ultimately cause harm. Also, Chemotherapy is used for positive reason but can also be harmful.  However, I can understand why most object are perceived as harmful, Mainly in our.  Object like machete as long as I could remember has always been viewed that way.



One of many reason why I truly feel like objects are connected to people and their experience.



After reading Russell Belk article “Possession and Extended self”. There are several points I take away from it. However, if I understand correctly, Belk is making the connection with the relationship between humans, and their connection to possessions. Also, Belk states “Extended self is not limited to external object, but also includes Person, place, body parts and vital organs.” I can clearly relate to his point about the extension of possessions. Humans consider their children, spouse, and family and close friends their own property. The article makes a great connection from birth. This is seen as a mastery of possessions and human development. For example, according to Freudian and other psycho-analytic theories, infants begin life being unable to distinguish self from environment, including mothers. As infant develop their motor skills objects that can be controlled are seen as self. However, the objects that can’t be controlled are seen as environment. This explains the origin of this development. Possession helps people manage their identity. Also, helping old people have a sense of continuity. Contamination is a particular process of self -extension. It can be good or bad, as discussed in class we can be contaminated in different way. For example, we can become contaminated through association with an individual.
In the articles “The Culture of Death and the Afterlife” I notice different cultures have unique ways of approaching death. It appears like death is welcoming, the term “Memento Mori” translates to remember that you are mortal, death is anticipated. For Christian this term serves a moralizing purpose. For Christians, it reminds them of emptiness, personally for me death makes me feel lost. This approach of death is unusual, which brings me to Luke A. Filder essay “impression from face of corpse”. In this essay he discusses the way students and other artist created craft and images from dead people. In the essay different artist felt different, and went back and forth on weather, mask made from dead people or sculpted images give a better description of the person their portraying. The idea is that, Death mask made from dead people gives a sense of realness. However, others artist and historian’s feel the complete opposite. The argument made is that “you can see the traces of death and material facts of plaster in each faces. The idea is when people die rigor mortis has set in. Other might see death mask to be used as a memorial and surviving relative might choose to hold on to these lasting memories.
I found this interesting article and attached it for you to read, one of many reasons why one might want to hold on to death mask.

Post #1:The Power

It’s very interesting to see how objects are projected, and used as a  vital skill in writing. I can clearly see the benefits- and how useful it will be in developing and creating good writing skills.  I have always struggled with my thoughts.  For example,  When learning to write papers and essays, I was encouraged to use one particular format, which was not completely bad . But it limited my imaginary skills.  In my opinion this put limits on my input.

In the article “Style as evidence” he pointed out that “Objects can mean different things to individuals at different times and ages”. I totally agree. At some point in my life I felt more attached to objects. However, at this point I’m more interested in health and all the things that money can’t buy,

However, I do agree that using objects to describe: or create ideas. will work well. I also feel that this style of writing should be implemented when teaching basic writing skills.

After,  reading these articles. I do see how people identify themselves with objects. Personally, I can’t find any particular object that makes me feel horrible. I feel like I’m in control of my own thoughts and actions. Objects, might briefly remind me of a time or moment in my life. Besides that , I decide my own mood and control my own feelings.

I’m far from offended,about  comments made by the author in regards to student writers. I feel school is a place people go to learn and develop good skills.  Positive, constructive criticism is very health, and I welcome it.