Blog #5 Objects connect to histroy and experiences

The first thing that come to mind when I think about and object, is normally something that can be seen or touched. However, after googling the definition I found that objects had multiple definitions. An object can also be someone or something that makes you feel a specified emotion.  While thinking about this, I realize that most useful objects are the most dangerous. In the article “What Is a Machete”. John Cline implies that any object can oscillate between useful and harmful weapon. He made some valid interesting points pertaining to a machete; from explain the history of it. Beginning with why people used a machete in earlier years. He stated “The machete bear an unusual character. It’s possible to conceive of it as a weapon, yes, but it’s also very much a tool- not altogether different from, say a shovel”. Object, are perceived differently, at different times. For example, in earlier times people used machete often to work out on the farm or to cut things like sugar canes. A machete can also be used to defend and protect. For instance, I have a baseball bat in my trunk in an event that I must defend myself.

baseball bat


However, this object is also used for a sport. This is one of many reason why I truly believe object is what that owner want it to be or used for.  In contrast, another, example of how people are affected and not necessarily be caused by a blunt physical object, is the idea of Arab spring. Cellphones and shared internet information can have an affect on people that ultimately cause harm. Also, Chemotherapy is used for positive reason but can also be harmful.  However, I can understand why most object are perceived as harmful, Mainly in our.  Object like machete as long as I could remember has always been viewed that way.



One of many reason why I truly feel like objects are connected to people and their experience.


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2 thoughts on “Blog #5 Objects connect to histroy and experiences”

  1. The thoughts you expressed in your blog seem to go along with my own. I used the example of a baseball bat in my rough draft, but decided against it when I couldn’t quite get it to flow with the rest of my blog. I was extremely interested in how you expressed how you believed “an object was what its owner wanted it to be.” Its always helpful for me, when people take different approaches in articulating similar ideas. I expressed it as weapons are what others perceive them to be, but I think your position is closer aligned with the course readings. All in all, great blog. Its always encouraging when my position is similar to a classmates.

  2. In this blog post prompt, we focused on objects that were created as an aiding tool and turned around to be a weapon, such as the machete or bat. But what about flipping it around and looking at elements or objects that were originally created as a weapon but now serve as an aid? For example, Uranium and Plutonium were originally used to create weapons of mass destruction but humans found great potential in the energy of these elements in order to create electricity. Pretty amazing to find a twist to the subject of tool turned to weapon.–How-Does-it-Work-/

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