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During my research I watch a few interviews with the creator of the mobile phone, the first brick phone, Martin Cooper. During his interviews he always brings up very interesting things or answers interesting questions from a creator’s perspective rather then a user’s perspective. I noticed that he never had in mind the amount of personalization of the cell phone that occurs today. Which led me to think about how inventions are made to be useful. In fact, the most popular inventions seem to be created in order to be useful and over time, as they become popular they begin to be personalized and changed to suit its users even if its not the most useful manner.

I thought this was very interesting. When looking to the past through artifacts, we try and interpret their meanings very deeply in order to better understand the past times. For example, the teapot. A teapot found can say a lot about its time and its times advancement. A few teapot’s might help show the difference between classes and the amount of abundance or poverty of those times.

As I studied the cell phone I constantly wondered what the cell phone would say about us if it is ever found thousands of years from now. What would it say about us? There are so many models and so uniquely personalized that it will hopefully show the technology leaps we have been making in the last 20 yrs with it. It might also say something of our economic state over this time as there are not an abundance of luxury phones, etc. But it will definitely show how dependent we are of them since there are probably a vast amount of them everywhere.

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