BLOG #9 Baby Anatomy

The anatomy of a baby doll is equivalent to that of a baby. The structure of the baby doll is about the size of a one month old baby. The body of the baby doll is very delicate, S-shape spine taking usually up until one year to develop. Divided in to multiple stages, the uniqueness of the baby doll spine is essential to the way the baby is carried, held and even feed. The baby muscles are not strong enough to straighten up.
While the baby doll is at such a young age, it is important that we pay close attention to the anatomy, some of the baby doll Skeleton is still cartilage and bones haven’t completely formed. This process takes year and not finished until humans are completely grown

The baby doll will need to be properly held, the younger the baby the more supported need for the spine. A good baby carrier therefore supports the baby back firmly. The baby doll has short legs and arms. Also small round head,very comforting and extremely soft. The baby doll temperature is warm. In addition bring a scene of new beginnings and reminds me of the way little baby rely on adults for security.

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