Culture Of Baby Wearing Blog #7

Lakisha Rose
Blog #7
For several weeks I have been studying the culture of baby wearing. I have read many articles, from different times in history about this particular object. Personally, when I had my first child I’ve never used one, I had one because it was a gift at my baby shower. However, I did what was convenient for me at that time and didn’t use it. What I’ve learned is that parents do what best fits their lifestyle. At the time when I had my first child, I was young and didn’t have the mother child connection. I was still in school and I was young and enjoyed hang out with my friend, so a stroller worked better for me.
While study the history of baby wearing objects, and took pictures. I noticed woman mainly in the early 1900 utilized these carriers for different reasons. Baby wearing wasn’t something special like it is in western cultures, woman worked hard and it was just what they did to cope. Mothers worked hard and didn’t have time to entertain babies. It was used to make life easier, each country in the world use a different type of baby carrier to fit their needs. For example, it depended on the climate, type of work they did. In addition, to the culture and traditional wearing position.
However, I learned that this object help build a connection to with mother. The reason is obvious; mothers are carrying babies 90% of the day. Throughout the semester we have been learning about the relationship between object and writing, objects and people. Also the way object make us feel. We also read about the history of old things. This is why I can appreciate the culture behind baby wearing. Why do you think certain cultures wear different types of baby wearing? For example, Mexican people use the Rebozo, which is a square of woven cloth tied over one shoulder with baby usually on the back

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