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After this semester I have reached my own conclusions about  what expository writing is. Because I have studied rhetoric for a couple semesters I have believe that in concern to it expository writing is more of the research than the actual persuasion. Although I believe expository writing can be persuasive, its main goal might be more to explain, inform and learn rather then to cause a movement or action. There is more intrigue in expository writing than anything else. In my opinion its more of special in depth research over a particular topic. Although it is similar to research its different in that it is more specific. I am glad to  have been able to take this class and learn about this time of writing. I think that this class should continued to be offered especially to those  interested in subjects such as history. Because Expository writing contains such concentrated information and research this obviously is very useful to people that work in archeology. This type of writing allows a simple to object to be put under a microscope and perceived in many ways. Expository writing can ultimately contain cultural, literal, historical  information.

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