History Of Babywearing

Baby carriers have been around for a very long time. Parents dating back to the early 1900s, wore a wide range of long cloths, shawls and scarves to snuggle their babies. In my opinion this was very creative. These items were formed into baby wearing. The idea was to allow their hands to be free by attaching their babies to their body. This allowed mother to do chores around the house. Men also wore them, but for a very long time men worked out in the field doing hard labor. However, as time progressed and women went out to work baby wearing became even more popular.
Baby wearing wasn’t exactly something special it’s just what was done to cope, because mother work so hard, it just wasn’t enough time to stop and cater to baby. In fact many types of traditional carrier are used in developing countries. Baby wearing was considered totally normal, basically a necessity and way of life. Each country or area of the world has a traditional baby carrier according to their culture. For example, Mexican people use the Rebozo, with babies usually on their back. European mothers used a mixture of wrap, pouches and cloth carrier to name a few.
When studying this object it was interesting, this object was used for different reason. It started as a way of managing mother busy life. As equally important this object formed an attachment between mothers and babies. Also, allowing the baby to still have the sense on feeling comfort, basically feeling snuggled as if they were still in their mother’s womb.

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