Job post: Senegal Software is hiring for an Inside Sales Development Representative (Product Evangelist)

Location: Atlanta, GA
Timeframe: Immediate

Position: Inside Sales Development Representative (Product Evangelist)

Why Senegal Software is the Place for You
We are a diverse, tight-knit, fun, highly motivated, and professional team with one purpose in mind –
to be the leader in the new Gig market! Our mission is to provide exceptional experiences to all of our
employees and customers.

Senegal is the first fully integrated, end-to-end event staffing management platform. We provide an
easy-to-use, responsive platform that enables customers to manage all aspects of event staffing,
management, execution, and payment in less time and with less frustration. Senegal takes care of the
day-to-day, each day, and lets clients focus on what they love —building meaningful relationships and
growing your company.

Our recent growth has provided an opening for a “Rock Star” Inside Sales Development Representative
(Product Evangelist). Our environment is fast-paced and challenging but one that rewards character,
teamwork, drive, and success. To be selected, you must demonstrate that you are comfortable, and
have experience, making a high number of calls, working with channel partners, generating interest,
qualifying prospects, setting up initial meetings, and closing deals. Click the link below for more information about the role and responsibilities.

Senegal Inside Sales Internship Summer 19-1psml6f

To apply, please contact Professor Kent Jones 

Join us with the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals on March 6, 2019

The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) is an international association dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Inside Sales. The association engages in research studies, organizational benchmarking and leadership round tables to better understand and analyze the trends, challenges, and key components of the growth and development of the Inside Sales industry. Our mission is to help inside sales representatives and leaders to leverage our information and resources through published content, local community chapters, national conferences, career development, and an Inside Sales accreditation program.

To learn more about AAISP and how inside sales can be an essential part of your career success plan, join us at the AA-ISP Atlanta Chapter Meeting on March 6th, 2019 at 6:00pm – 8:00pm EST/EDT, at Atlanta Tech Village in Buckhead. For questions, contact AAISP or Georgia State Sales Professor Kent Jones

Successfully negotiating with a professional negotiator

Sales reps are often trained in successful negotiation, and this can provide a significant edge when dealing with a demanding buyer. But what happens when the purchasing agent across the table is ALSO a highly trained negotiator?  How can a sales rep succeed when their negotiation counterpart is every bit as skilled in the art of negotiation as they are?

In this excellent video from former FBI hostage negotiator and Black Swan Group CEO Chris Voss, you’ll learn how to effectively read and respond to the tactics of a highly-trained buyer purchase negotiator. While the interviewer’s commentary can be distracting at times, it draws out insights from Voss that are pure sales gold. 

Never split the difference

Negotiation skills are part of an advanced sales toolkit, but the specific ways to apply this tool are often a mystery for sales reps. In this insightful video, former FBI hostage negotiator and Black Swan Group CEO Chris Voss dispels many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding negotiation and shows you why getting to “no” may be your best path to sales negotiation success. 

Like his book, “Never Split The Difference, Negotiating As If Your Life Depended on It”  this video is highly recommended, whether you are trying to win a sales deal or save the lives of innocent hostages.

Sales Leadership Community Meeting – Feb 8, 2019

Meeting Topic: Building Strength in Sales Teams with Recent College Graduates

Please join the next Atlanta Sales Leadership Community meeting on February 8th. Our panel of sales leaders from the community will share insights and perspectives on how their companies are attracting, recruiting, and hiring recent college graduates to build strength in their sales teams. You will leave the meeting with approaches you can use to sell more and deliver more customer value. 

Click here to register for the event!

Why Should You Attend?

The meeting offers opportunities to:

  • hear from other sales leaders to get their perspective on important topics you face within your company
  • meet other sales leaders from the area to expand your personal and professional network
  • connect with Georgia State University students participating in the sales program to identify potential sales talent
  • ask your questions to the panel (and group) to get further insights
  • get a free coffee and / or breakfast.

Who Might You See at the Meeting?

Previous events have included sales leaders from ABB Enterprise, Aptean, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Elavon, EY, FIS, Georgia Pacific, IBM, NetSuite, PROS, Ricoh, Sphera Solutions, Siemens, TransUnion, Verint, Verizon and other top companies of all sizes and industries. Plus, there will be Georgia State University students that are participating in the sales program (are you looking for some sales talent for your organization?)

The meeting is open to practitioner sales leaders and invited guests. There is no cost to attend. Registration before the meeting is required to ensure that a seat is available to you.

Panelists for the Discussion

  • Rebecca Sherrill from BMC Software Inc. (AVP, ESO Sales Enablement)
  • Jordan Adeboye from Georgia State University (Student)
  • Kent Jones from Georgia State University (Instructor / Lecturer)
  • Charlie Thackston from SOAR Performance Group (President)

When is the meeting?

October 5, 2018 / 7:30 am to 9:00 am

Where is the meeting?

Georgia State University — Buckhead Center — Tower Place 200, 6th Floor — 3348 Peachtree Road NE — Atlanta, GA 30326

Click here to register for the event!

About the Atlanta Sales Leadership Community

The Atlanta Sales Leadership Community was co-founded by Georgia State University and SOAR Performance Group to create a forum for best practice sharing and executive networking within the metro Atlanta area.

  • The community is a cross industry organization of senior sales leaders focused on building a community within the Atlanta market for advancing best practices in sales leadership.
  • It also creates networking and mentoring opportunities for Atlanta-based senior sales executives with Georgia State University students participating in the sales program.
  • The community is led by the advisory board with representatives from companies that represent different industries and go-to-market models.
  • In addition to the breakfast meetings that include panel discussions on sales leadership topics, the community also provides online options for participation.
  • Recordings from the panel discussion are posted in the previous events section.
  • An online discussion group, Sales Leadership Community Insights, is available on LinkedIn.

We look forward to seeing you!

Click here to learn more about the Sales Leadership Community, follow this link.

Job post: Inside Sales Rep – InfoTycoon

InfoTycoon is the leader in inspections and asset management solutions for the multifamily industry. 

To learn more or apply, visit 

Job post: Marketing internship, CMT Agency

CMT Agency is hiring! Making a positive impact with the right talent.

Companies need professional talent who can quickly understand a brand and its essence in order to enliven an experience and make a positive impact when delivering its messages. Our CEO and founder, Shelly Justice, established CMT Agency to do just that.

Today CMT provides businesses of all sizes — from start-ups to global companies — the right people — people who represent brands across a range of scenarios: events, tradeshow booths, VIP tours, promotional models, adult beverage brand ambassadors, specialty talent, corporate representatives, and so much more.

Whether you have a single event, a series of tradeshows or an entire adult beverage national campaign to roll out, CMT Agency talent is ready to make your brand stand out.

For more info and to apply, please visit the job post in Handshake

Sales Best Practices: Never Split the Difference

In this fascinating work, former FBI hostage negotiator and current Black Swan Group CEO Chris Voss explores the inner workings of high-stakes, life-and-death negotiations and distills the resulting principles into a universal working toolbox for the successful negotiator. While conventional theory holds that negotiation should be a relentless, even abusive, pursuit of “yes”, Chris makes an effective case for why sometimes a well-considered “no” or “that’s right!” affirmation is the optimal outcome.

Whether you hope to use your newfound negotiation skills to save lives, lead a team, drive business, or just save a few bucks on a Buick, this book is a great tool to develop your tradecraft. For free preview, click the Amazon link below.




Sales best practices: The Challenger Sale

Situation, problem, implication, need payoff. Always be closing. The customer is always right. 

That’s all you need to know about selling…right?  Not so fast.

For years, sales reps have heard these adages and many try to follow them. Yet some succeed while others do not. In this groundbreaking, research-driven work, the Challenger Sale explores the reasons for success – or failure – among five dominant rep profiles: 

  • The Hard Worker
  • The Problem Solver
  • The Relationship Builder
  • The Lone Wolf
  • The Challenger. 

Through analysis of more than 6,000+ salespeople, 90+ companies, and a spectrum of industries, the research found a single profile dominated and defined nearly 40% of the top -selling sales professionals. The specifics of the research and its sometime counter-intuitive roadmap for sales success make this an essential read for the complex sale. Check out Amazon for a free preview!

Sales best practices: SPIN Selling

The SPIN Selling Questions: Situation – Problem – Implication – Need Payoff

First released in 1988, Neil Rackham’s SPIN®Selling asserted the most successful sellers are seen by their customers as consultants or problem solvers who are working in the customers’ best interest.

SPIN Selling was one of the first sales methodologies backed by objective research. While later methodologies such as the Challenger Sale offer important enhancements, SPIN Selling remains an essential and versatile foundation for the successful sales professional.

One of McGraw-Hill’s all-time top-selling business books, SPIN Selling is currently Amazon’s best-selling book on sales. In its 2013 list of the “Top 10 ‘How To Sell’ Books of All Time,” Inc. magazine wrote:

″Finally, this is the book that turned selling from an art into a science. While other sales books are heavy with anecdotes and assumptions, Neil Rackham examined hard evidence of actual sales performance and codified what works — and what doesn’t — in real world sales situations. A must-read for everyone who sells[8]

Check out the Amazon link below for a free preview!

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