Need a great resume for your job search?

A great resume is the first step towards getting a great job you love; the resume’s job is to get you an interview and the interview’s job is to get you hired! But how do you create a great resume?

As a former sales and marketing hiring manager who has conducted thousands of interviews and read (and sometimes suffered through) tens of thousands of resumes over a 30-year career, I recognize some resumes will do a much better job for you than others. I also know most hiring managers are extremely busy and will only spend about 10 seconds on your resume before deciding whether to continue reading or set it aside. #SwipeRight If that sounds bad, the computerized applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by many companies won’t give you that much time before making the decision.

Because of this, a winning resume must be easy to scan, easy to understand, and immediately appeal to both human and computerized resume screeners. Keep in mind, the job of the resume and cover letter is just to get you the interview. It doesn’t need to tell everything about you, but it does need to create a compelling snapshot that makes a hiring manager think “I must to talk to this person”.

In my experience, a resume that projects a bit of your personality, energy, and relevant accomplishments will be more successful than a dry recitation of job duties and employment dates. As you do this, consider how these elements might demonstrate your fit and value for the specific job you are applying for. What was the result of you being at the job? What results did you deliver? Did you increase sales by 10%, create a system that improved efficiency, or do things that made customers love you and your company? Do you speak a foreign language or have you done work that made your community a better place? Tell me about it, it makes you more interesting! 😊 

With that in mind, here are three videos I like about creating a great resume and cover letter.  This author also has great material on interviews and salary discussions, but that’s a subject for a future post, the resume has to do its job before any of that matters! Happy (job) hunting!


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  3. Any tips for creating job resume? CV’s? Or any other resume templates do you recommended for fresh graduate? Thanks for the feedback.


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