Sales Best Practices: Never Split the Difference

In this fascinating work, former FBI hostage negotiator and current Black Swan Group CEO Chris Voss explores the inner workings of high-stakes, life-and-death negotiations and distills the resulting principles into a universal working toolbox for the successful negotiator. While conventional… Read More

Sales best practices: The Challenger Sale

Situation, problem, implication, need payoff. Always be closing. The customer is always right.  That’s all you need to know about selling…right?  Not so fast. For years, sales reps have heard these adages and many try to follow them…. Read More

Sales best practices: SPIN Selling

The SPIN Selling Questions: Situation – Problem – Implication – Need Payoff First released in 1988, Neil Rackham’s SPIN®Selling asserted the most successful sellers are seen by their customers as consultants or problem solvers who are working in… Read More

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