The Virus Ate My Sales Forecast

Professor Kent_Jones

Professor Kent Jones

As virus scares rattle market confidence, sales and marketing teams face a fearful buyer they haven’t seen since 2010 – if ever.

My take here on how they should respond as the ground shifts under them. I was lucky enough to start my sales career in a tanked economy. I didn’t know any different but I read every sales book I could find (aka “YouTube Unplugged”) and you learn pretty fast when the rent is due. It was all gravy after those years passed 😂😀

1 Comments on “The Virus Ate My Sales Forecast

  1. Thanks for sharing this Kent. Fear definitely can make buyers think again, however, somebody somewhere taught me to turn every disadvantage into an advantage. For me the buyer should have a fear of not changing, continuing with the staus quo. Once the buyer believes where they are currently carries more risk than moving to a new solution they will drive the sale through.

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