PSE History

In 1951, Lloyd L. Antle, an Ohio University graduate and professor of Marketing at Georgia State University (formerly Georgia State College), conceived the idea that the sales profession should have a professional fraternity of its own. After all, he reasoned, accountants had a fraternity, the general business majors had a fraternity; why not a fraternity for sales and marketing?

Mr. Antle spoke to two other professors – Dr. William H. Harris and Dr. Henry Baker – who agreed that in the ensuing years sales and marketing would become a vital force in the economy. These three men, Lloyd Antle, Dr. William Harris and Dr. Henry Baker, approached Mr. Lewis F. Gordon, who had helped to found the Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI) association of Atlanta and was a natural choice to help design the first collegiate fraternity in marketing, sales management, and selling. All four men were members of SMEI Atlanta. They approached other members, gained their support, set up organizational meetings, and worked diligently to develop plans. After an entire year of planning, with all involved contributing considerable time, effort and finances, the foundation for this new organization was laid.

Today, Pi Sigma Epsilon is currently active at 57 universities across the United States. The organization celebrates and continues to live through the principles of Pi Sigma Epsilon.


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