Interior description pic 3

imageThis picture displays one of the artifacts present at the site. The Skeleton on the motorcycle located right by the bar gives the vibe for rock and roll and was most likely created for young people. This picture represents the type of vibe they have in the bar. The rest of the bar and resturants are very explicit and are not intended for children





Annotated Bibliography 6-10



“12 Things to Know about Lenox Square Mall.” Atlanta News, Sports, Atlanta Weather, Business News. AJC, 27 July 2009. Web. 16 Apr. 2016.
Lenox Square Mall is a high end shopping center in the heart of downtown Atlanta , ranking in the top best malls of Georgia. Celebrities such as Rihanna , Yung Thug , and Beyonce  has visited the mall which played a role in Lenox hype and popularity. Lenox mall was opened in 1959 by Ed Noble, the grandson of a wealthy Oklahoma oilman. The place started from 74-acres of a local home which was later sold to build the infamous Lenox mall. The article , “12 Things To Know about Lenox Square Mall”briefly explains the small but interesting facts about the people , stores, and history of the shopping center. Lenox did not  always have the high end retail stores like Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors. Instead , it held a Walgreen’s , a movie theater , bowling alley , and more. Furthermore, according to AJC , 40 percent of Lenox customers are tourists , which leads to my conclusion on how built environments can take shape within Atlanta by attracting many tourist and foreigners from across the world to visit the up-scale shopping center.This built environment plays a huge role in Atlanta by increasing customers to move near the attraction , for entrepreneurs to build high end restaurants , and homes to comfort the customers, and for transportation companies such as Marta to have easy train and bus access inside the mall to influence more volume not only in their mall but around downtown Atlanta as a whole.
Clanton, Nancy. “7 Atlanta Locations Called Overrated.” Atlanta News, Sports, Atlanta Weather, Business News. 19 Jan. 2016. Web. 16 Apr. 2016.
Lenox Square Mall is known for its popularity and hype , which makes its believable to understand why the shopping center has made the top 7 overrated places in Atlanta by AJC. Lenox Mall is one of the most popular shopping center in Georgia , and some of its “fame” has come from known rappers promoting the mall in their songs , and from high end celebrities visiting the mall themselves. Lenox attracts their customers by their their spacious and nicely designed interior ,  which takes over about 74 acres. Furthermore , the mall hold about every store from high end retailers such as Gucci and Louis VUITTON to the more affordable  retailers such as Forever 21 and Rue 21. Even though the mall holds their crown for being one of the best malls in Georgia , they placed number 5 of being the most overrated places in Atlanta according to AJC. AJC explains that they have surveyed people across Atlanta to  decipher the most overrated places in Atlanta and explains that Lenox mall , is just another jammed pack mall. which concludes to how built environments can influence the volume of customers just by their popularity and how the mall can psychologically make people think that the mall is overrated just by their “jammed packed parking lots” and reputation.
Mckay, John. “The Birth of Lenox Square Mall.” 7 July 2012. Web. 16 Apr. 2016.
The history of Lenox Mall shows how the Mall came from a cotton and corn farm ,to a known upscale shopping center in under 20 years. Before Lenox mall , the 74 acre space was filled by a farm owned by John Simpkins who witness and escaped the wrath of General William Sherman in 1864. Simpkins continues to live on his farm after the waft but later sold his property in 1897 before his passing in 1926. He sold his farm to the president of First National Bank of Atlanta , John Ottley , who envisioned a potential summer home on a hill to escape the noise and population in Atlanta. Ottley built the amazing 12 room summer house called Joyeuse which was used to throw parties and ballrooms until he passed in 1945. From there , the summer home was soon reused for small businesses and apartments for wartime veterans. On May 22, 1956 the property was resold again to ED Noble who seen the potential of a future high end mall called Lenox square. Noble and his architects soon began to work on the the design of Lenox square. First , they flatten out the hill where the summer home and apartments took place to level out the land. Then they built the Mall with a bowling alley , and indoor golf range to attract new customers to the attraction. Despite the warnings many investors seen by creating Lenox mall by stating that “no one lived out here ” (Mckay ) , Noble still decided to open lenox square mall on August 3, 1959. Lenox was not as popular and upscale as it is today. “It was more like an extended and multi-leveled strip mall, with an open center court decorated by flying concrete buttress-styled arches, over grassy areas flanked by concrete benches, and several small collections of sculptures depicting Southern folk tales”.(Mckay). Today ,Lenox is more than a shopping center than a attraction site , and is know for their high end stores and fancy restaurants.In conclusion , the once cotton farm where “nobody lived at ” is the home of the infamous Lenox Mall which attracts residents , business opportunities , and many tourist from the United States. Lenox is a prime example on how built environments can influence the volume of a city and the the type of customers that visit Lenox on the daily basis.
Mitchell, Wright. “Lenox Square Site Once Was the Home of Great Joy.” Reporter Newspapers. 03 June 2010. Web. 16 Apr. 2016.
Before the High end shopping center , Lenox Square’s land was once owned by a wealthy man named John Ottley who used the land as a summer house called Joyeuse back in the late 1800’s. Before Lenox , Ottley build the property to get away from the city , because back then Buck head was classified as the “suburbs”. Ottley and his family used the house for ball rooms and parties and loved the house so much that they permanently moved in the house in 1913. During their stay the house was occupied by 12 marvelous rooms and had a stable full of “sporty horses” in the backyard. The interior and exterior design was built beautifully as the front porch made with red tile that continued the length of the house which led to the front entrance. “The interior of the home was like a scene from “The Great Gatsby.” The walls were heavily beamed in dark wood, and a large library dominated the front of the house” (Wright). The Ottley’s  stayed in the house until Ottley death in 1945 , and from then entrepreneur Ed Noble quickly designed the later on upscale mall. In conclusion , The Up bringing of the built environment (Lenox square ) , has turned Buck Head from being a quiet suburban area to a busy and noisy urban area known today.

Annotated Bibliography 4 , 5 and 6 !

Moriarty, Erin. “A Toxic Neighbor at Atlantic Station.” EPA Eyeing Adjacent Land for Superfund Cleanup. Atlanta Business Chronicle, 8 Jan. 2001. Web. 29 Feb. 2016.

Atlantic Station is one of the main attractions in the heart of midtown Atlanta. The beautiful modern space is full of shopping places , fine dining , and space for other attractions such as performances and circuses. Atlantic Station is about 138 acres full of many activities , However the site was not always full of fun and excitement. Before Atlantic Station ,the 138 acres was full of railroads and steels which was called Atlantic Steel. The Atlantic Steel was a large steel company in Atlanta created in 1901 which produced cotton bale ties and barrel hoops. The large steel company gave jobs to many workers in the 1900’s however it produced a lot of pollution. Many workers and residents were moving by the Steel Factory by the thousands (Moriarty). , the residents were affected by the pollution and lead from the railroads. Just across the railroad tracks from where the high-profile Atlantic Station project will rise, lead was smelted and refined for 70 years, leaving lead contamination in some parts of the property that is more than 500 times higher than the regulatory limit (Moriarty). Due to these circumstances , the Environmental Protection Agency was forced to regulate and demolish the the Atlantic steel company and create Atlantic Station to to provide more of a fun place then dangerous.In 1998 , Atlantic Station was built and ready for the tourist to see and for the residents to live by. Since Atlantic Station existence , the midtown population has grown significantly and many people work , eat ,shop ,and live there everyday. The built environments Atlantic Steel ( before ) and Atlantic Station ( after ) has influenced how many people stay in a particular place. These built environments affect where people live because since then Atlantic Station has the most attention and people since it has been created. Built environments can fluctuate the volume of people into a particular space and affect they way they feel about being around certain areas.


Chamberlain, Lisa. “Building a City Within the City of Atlanta.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 23 May 2006. Web. 01 Mar. 2016
  Who would have known that a Steel Mill Company which has tons of railroads and contamination surrounding the the could turn into one of the biggest profits ad mains attractions sites in Atlanta? “From Denver to Dallas to downtown Los Angeles, multibillion-dollar large-scale mixed-used developments are taking shape. But Atlantic Station here is Exhibit A” (Chamberlain). Atlantic Station has attracted many people to live , shop, and dine. This built environment has became the “it place ” of Atlanta and has influence many investors to create not only a work space but a living space as well. Atlantic station have Condos , and hotels for people to stay so they can be close to the attractions. Atlantic Station has literally made its own city into a city. Atlantic Station is a built environment that affect people by spending their money moving by the built environment to stay apart of the midtown community. Which ties into how spaces and exteriors designs can effect the volume of a city.
Brick, Michael. “From an Old Mill Site to a New Urban Complex.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 17 Dec. 2002. Web. 02 Mar. 2016.
   Atlantic Station has took over Atlanta with their beautiful 183 acres across midtown. “It is a vast and desolate 138-acre stretch on a rolling slope that tricks the eye and makes one side invisible from the other” (Brick ). Atlantic Station has made their own city including their own postal code 30363. Atlantic Station is one of the best endeavors Atlanta’s created. Along with The King Museum , and other attractions around Atlanta , Atlantic station has taken shape within Atlanta and produced more success than expected. “Office vacancies in midtown have risen to 23.7 percent from 17 percent a year ago, pushing average annual asking rents down to $24.41 a square foot from $26.57” (Brick). Further more , Atlantic station has increased the residency , profits , business, and  employment in the midtown area since the Atlantic Steel was demolished. Atlantic Station has not only been beneficial to the pollution that the Steel Mill created , but it also bring opportunities for development and business around Atlanta. In conclusion , Built environments like Atlantic Station , doesn’t  just impact a community physically by their beautiful appearance. Atlantic Station impacts the Atlanta society on a social and economic level which provides jobs , places to stay , and fun. Atlantic Station has been making positive contributions to Atlanta since 1998 , and has became not only their own city but a major part of Atlanta as well.

Annotated Bibliography 3

“Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site.” National Park Foundation. National Park Foundation, 2012. Web. 23 Feb. 2016.
The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Site was created by Rosa Parks in honor of Martin Luther King. The site is located in downtown Atlanta and its main attraction is to many of tourist locally and nationally. The site covers over 23 acres and also owns Martin Luther King birthplace. Since the popularity has risen from the site the Trust for Public Land purchased five homes on Auburn Ave. The TPL has also purchase more than ten properties for the park since 1990. The expansion of the site relates to how the built environment can control the community and involuntary put barriers on residences. Since the  TPL as bough up most of Auburn Avenue , the old residents or any future ones will not be able to live there. This source has brought up the various times that the government or TPL has purchased unnecessary land to build on the site , which inconvenienced many residents to give up there property. This built environment places restrictions on people on which involuntary forces them to move outside of Auburn Avenue because of the TPL possessive intentions.

Annotated Bibilography 2

Busch, Allyson. “A Kingdom Divided: The King Center vs. the MLK Jr. National Historic Site.” Atlanta Magazine 15 Jan. 2015. Print.

This magazine article which was found in Atlanta Magazine depicts the importance of both the king center as well as the historical site of the king family. Every year from January 19th until the 25th, these two locations are flooded with tourists looking to show appreciation to one of the biggest civil rights activist in history. While the historical site gives tourist a first hand look at the King house as well as his resting place. The king center acts a place comprised of various articles and artifacts from MLK’s prime during the Civil Rights Movement. From this article I have gathered that the King center has played a huge part in the growth of this city’s civil rights appreciation. The historical site for MLK is comprised of a 35 acre district as well as the ebenezer church that MLK himself attended. This site has taken shape within the city by giving citizens and tourist a place to show there respects to the King family and indulge in an endless feast of historical information. I chose this source because I felt that it had the largest effect on the people of this city in comparison to my other options. The King Center and historical site has brought together millions of people nationwide to all enact in Showing appreciation to the King family and organization. This source was found in the Atlanta magazine so the biggest flaw was the length of the article. The article was published last January right before MLK day and included pictures as well. The article was also a bit general I’m some aspects pertaining to the contents of the King Center , but what could not be found in this source was located in another. The largest point that binds these sources together are there descriptions of the King Center. The relationship between this source and the others is the fact that they all talk about the importance of the King Center in relation to the information it provides for students, citizens, and tourists.

Annotated Bibliography 1

Eskew, Glenn T. “King Center.” New Georgia Encyclopedia. 10 January 2014. Web. 05 February 2016.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change located in Atlanta Georgia, is a non-profit organization that provides education and relevance to students and tourist about his mission for world peace and equality. The king Center was established in King’s home by his widow , Coretta Scott King in 1968. The King Center gives a visual display of King’s early life , his work through the Civil Rights Movement , and other leaders ( Ghandi and Rosa Parks ) to inspire and educate his philosophy for nonviolence and world peace. This built environment intentionally promotes King’s philosophy on equality by providing a museum , artifacts and original documents to keep his vision alive throughout Atlanta. This source relates to how built environments impacts people physically because it uses the beautiful 23 acre campus, the library , archives , classrooms, and a gift shop in the heart of Atlanta to physically attract people to the site. This source didn’t provide any weakness, because the source is up to date and provides accurate research about the King Center. The relationship that all the sources share is that the King Center uses their built environment to spread the mission and goals of kings works and keeps his legacy relevant and important.

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