Exterior description – East Lake

The East lake community is one of the most historic communities in Atlanta.East lake has been around since the late 1800’s and has changed not only the community themselves but Atlanta as a whole. The site is located in East Atlanta , Georgia  which is only about 5 miles from downtown Atlanta. The east lake timeline starts from apps ration owned by Robert Alston in the 1850’s from a amusement park which later on failed because of a the recession in the late 1800’s to a golf course ( which is still present to this day) to low income housing known as “lil viteman ” to a present day small community with a layout of a publix , their own Marta station , food places , housing ,schools and YMCA tobacco date the East lake residents.The present artifacts that are shown when some,one is visiting the East lake community is a grocery store , gas stations  which are located on the end of east lake (Glenwood Ave.) and the YMCA located at the beginning of east lake on memorial drive.The east lake housing sits right in the middle of the two major road , Memorial drive and Glenwood Ave. which includes a pool , a rent office and two playgrounds. When I visited East Lake I noticed how spacious the housing and businesses were from each other , which is rare to find in the city of Atlanta. If one is driving or walking , all the necessities are in walking distances and they have bus stops all throughout the community of east lakes. When i visited the community I took note to the color scheme of the space  and for some reason the color green was catching my eye. I was observing East lake green trees and spacious green grass and hills , their green spacious golf course and their set of apartments called “green side ” which had tons of green space for their residents to enjoy. I noticed the publix green color scheme as well , the logo and lining of the word publix was outlined in green. When I visit the site I felt a warm welcoming feeling because some of the residents was very friendly and I seen a lot of people walKing their dogs and kids playing at the playground. I felt like I could see my self living in this community.East Lake is in there own world , they have everything their residents need or want. The east lake community is a site that is used for their residents and everything that has been built or set in place is for the use of the residents of the community.In closing , East lake is a beneficial and confident place to live in and it advertise that by purposely building the YMCA , grocery stores , school and places to live to convince  someone that doesn’t live there that this place has everything they need to satisfy them. The site targets it’s Intented users by using signs in the front of the east lake apartments displaying ” specials on apartments ” to persuade them to be apart of the East lake community.

Interior built environment

The famous burger joint , The vortex is one of the most famous restaurants in downtown Atlanta. The vortex was established on April 20,1992 on west Peach-tree street. The restaurant was owned by Michael Benoit , his sister Susanne and brother Hank. The place started our as a tiny restaurant and bar on Peach tree street but Now the business has blossomed into a redesigned and unique restaurant in two locations , ( one in midtown and one in five points) and has earned their rank in becoming Best Beer Selection,” “Best Neighborhood Bar,” “Best Overall Liquor Selection in Atlanta,” “Best Bar Food,” and “One of the Top 50 Restaurants in Atlanta.” When I visited the site , I’ve noticed their designs and their “rock and roll” theme with skulls and the variety of liquor on the bar table.The bar was set up in the back of the restaurant , with a street sign saying “2nd avenue ” by the bar. The inside of the vortex consisted of chairs and tables , the bar and the lights were dim to give off a relax , party type vibe. The site wasn’t easy to navigate because the restaurant wasn’t really that big and there was a small path to the bar and everything was really close together. The vortex color scheme consisted of dark colors such as red and black which gave me a rock star/club vibe. Throughout my experience at the vortex it made me feel like I was in  club because the music was loud , It was filled with people , people were drunk , and the lights were dim with colored lights. The sites is intended for people 21 years of age and older , and the site is used  by the younger crowd. The site advertise its users by promoting there famous burgers and their popular alcohol. In conclusion , the site target their customers by promoting the sell of alcohol and the food on their menus.

digital description Atlanta public schools

http://www.atlanta.k12.ga.us/ interior description

Atlanta public school website is a institutional website that encourages parents to get involved in their children education , provides the latest news in the Atlanta school district , and to encourage the students to engage themselves in summer learning activities , and tutorials to make sure they excel in school. The Atlanta Public School is a digital websites , but their corporate business is located in downtown Atlanta at 130 Trinity Ave . The site was created in 2008 and the things I’ve noticed from the site is that they have a warm welcome for kids because they display a lot of children on their site. What I’ve also noticed is that this website is more of a business than a friendly/ school orientated website because the site puts their achievements and awards on the top of the screen to persuade the audience ( which are mostly parents ) on how well their school system is . Under the achievements the site has a small box that says ” ENROLL NOW IN SUMMER CLASSES” with a kid standing behind the box smiling to convince the readers that their child will benefit or enjoy from the summer program.The site have small digital sections that offers tutorials and “homework helplines ” for students that struggles in school to let the parents or the audience know that they care about their child success and that the Atlanta public school system is where there child should be. The layout of the site consists of today’s date in the top right corner , the site’s name in the middle of the top screen and on the left side of the website , there’s a active Twitter feed of people engaging in new ideas on how to make the APS system better. When discovering the layout of the site I noticed the color scheme as well. The colors is blue and orange which are bright colors that could represent bright kids and bright school careers. When a parent discovers the site , one could be more likely to continue the navigate the site because of the bright colors rather than dark colors such ass black and gray. When I discovered the website it was fairly easy to navigate because the site had tabs at the top of the screen to guide a parent on a specific topic they was looking for , and the had tabs on the left side of the screen to labeled as “quick link” to navigate the reader into a off topic but relevant issue such as bus routes , cafeteria health scores , and more. The site does have a lot going on because the site has many slideshows playing at once which could distract the reader but the site is helpful for finding topics and issues.The site uses there tabs and quick links to help the people who use the site , which is mostly the parents to get information about their child school system or to possibly enroll their child into this school system. The site is used for informational,educational purposes , and to engage the parents to become more active in their child school life. When I discovered the site , I felt Comfortable because I felt like the websites was a trustworthy website and that they really care about children success in school.I chose the word comfortable to explain that I trusted the website and that I could persuade my mom or others who have young children pro check out the website. In conclusion the site adversities it’s user by , by using the smiling children to demonstrate the success and fun they have at Atlanta public schools , and signals their intended users by displaying their success and accomplishments at the top screen big and clear to persuade the parents that the Atlanta Public School System is right for their child.