Annotated Bibliography 3

“Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site.” National Park Foundation. National Park Foundation, 2012. Web. 23 Feb. 2016.
The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Site was created by Rosa Parks in honor of Martin Luther King. The site is located in downtown Atlanta and its main attraction is to many of tourist locally and nationally. The site covers over 23 acres and also owns Martin Luther King birthplace. Since the popularity has risen from the site the Trust for Public Land purchased five homes on Auburn Ave. The TPL has also purchase more than ten properties for the park since 1990. The expansion of the site relates to how the built environment can control the community and involuntary put barriers on residences. Since the  TPL as bough up most of Auburn Avenue , the old residents or any future ones will not be able to live there. This source has brought up the various times that the government or TPL has purchased unnecessary land to build on the site , which inconvenienced many residents to give up there property. This built environment places restrictions on people on which involuntary forces them to move outside of Auburn Avenue because of the TPL possessive intentions.

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