Built environment description interior pic 1

imageThis picture  represent the menu of the vortex grill which could persuade the audience which is the reader and the customers to advertise the food and to persuade them to buy some food . The menu from the vortex displays all the food they carry and when I seen the menu they used a lot of adjectives to make the food seem appealing

Built environment description , exterior pic5

imageThis picture displays the neatness and structure of the apartment in eastlake which could convince the audience that the apartments are clean and kept up. This picture also repents the the green tress which I discovered while taking s trip to east lake , green trees and green space is all over east lake which could be appealing to customers

Built environment description , exterior pic 1

image this picture represents the green space that’s east lake has and the clean and neat this the community has which give the audience to understand that east lake keep their house clean so they can convince the audience that east lake is a clean community so that the future residence that east lake is the place to live 



Built environment description : Atlanta public schools , digital picture 5

2445 This picture displays their summer academy to help children get a head start on their classes or to help strength their weakness in the classes they struggled with before. on the bottom of the picture it says enroll now and have a child standing behind the sign to represent that the child will benefit from the program.

Built environment description : Atlanta public schools , digital picture 4

2444 This picture displays the “quick facts ” at the top right corner so that the parents can easily navigate  the page by clicking on the quick link tabs to search questions and specific subjects they are interested in .They use this quick link column to help parents and convince them that the website is easily accesible and has all the help they need with regards to their child

Built environment description : Atlanta public schools , digital picture 3

2443This picture displays the recognition and accomplishments made by the Atlanta public school system and its displayed in the center of their website to make sure that the parents (the audience ) can see that this school system is a great for their child to attend because they have many accomplishments

Built environment description : Atlanta public schools , digital picture 2

2242This picture represents the offerings the Atlanta public schools system has to offer such as the “turn around strategy” to help kids for tutoring to convince the audience (the parent) that they have programs to ensure and improve their child education and that they do care about their children education and will give out many opportunities to help their child succeed