Annotated Bibilography 2

Busch, Allyson. “A Kingdom Divided: The King Center vs. the MLK Jr. National Historic Site.” Atlanta Magazine 15 Jan. 2015. Print.

This magazine article which was found in Atlanta Magazine depicts the importance of both the king center as well as the historical site of the king family. Every year from January 19th until the 25th, these two locations are flooded with tourists looking to show appreciation to one of the biggest civil rights activist in history. While the historical site gives tourist a first hand look at the King house as well as his resting place. The king center acts a place comprised of various articles and artifacts from MLK’s prime during the Civil Rights Movement. From this article I have gathered that the King center has played a huge part in the growth of this city’s civil rights appreciation. The historical site for MLK is comprised of a 35 acre district as well as the ebenezer church that MLK himself attended. This site has taken shape within the city by giving citizens and tourist a place to show there respects to the King family and indulge in an endless feast of historical information. I chose this source because I felt that it had the largest effect on the people of this city in comparison to my other options. The King Center and historical site has brought together millions of people nationwide to all enact in Showing appreciation to the King family and organization. This source was found in the Atlanta magazine so the biggest flaw was the length of the article. The article was published last January right before MLK day and included pictures as well. The article was also a bit general I’m some aspects pertaining to the contents of the King Center , but what could not be found in this source was located in another. The largest point that binds these sources together are there descriptions of the King Center. The relationship between this source and the others is the fact that they all talk about the importance of the King Center in relation to the information it provides for students, citizens, and tourists.

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