Better Online Living through Content Moderation

In the article “Better Living through Content Moderation” , by Melissa King focuses on the content control of internet users. Content moderation such as , blocking someone from social media , muting unwanted noise, privacy options , content warning , and enabling pop -ups , gives internet users more control of their online space. The freedom of choice to disapprove and approve unwanted websites or people have caused controversy among our culture.”Yet users of those tools face constant cultural opposition, often maligned as “weak” and “too sensitive” (King). By criticizing the mere use of optional social moderation tools, opponents are creating a culture that pressures people to expose themselves to experiences far more catastrophic than they can handle”King). Some may feel that content moderation is used by feeble and/or cowardly users. In addition , they feel that one should not take offensive to negative websites or people , or in Kings words “don’t feed the trolls” (trolls meaning the offensive and abusive content). However , the use of content moderation is very important and is vital for internet security. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to bulling , violent , and inappropriate content can causes psychological problems such as PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder) , depression , anxiety attacks ,(according to King)  and unfortunately suicidal thoughts or actions.

In a ideal world , one wouldn’t need privacy options and a block-list because no one wouldn’t harass or offended others, and the internet would be full of fun , research , and kind people. However , internet abuse is one of the top reasons for teenagers committing suicide , and It has played a role in some homicide cases as well. At least 6 people out of my graduating high school class has committed suicide due to verbal and embarrassing content. None the less , one of my closet friends (Shaunnie Taylor 1995 – 2014) was killed because she was talking to this guy over the internet and the guy started gaining feelings for her. When Shaunnie told him she was uninterested , her online lover started to stalk her . Later on , The guy founded her address online by using a a websites such as (White Pages or Yellow Book) and caught her walking from her house. The guy stared approaching her and kidnapped her then raped and killed her. Shaunnie had no clue on how dangerous the internet is. Only if Shaunnie used the available content moderation, at the first signs of their online relationship , she will be here today.The internet can cause psychological harm and potential physical harm not to only the internet user but their family and friends.

Many people don’t realize nor understand how useful content moderation can be. “Ultimately, easy one-size-fits-all solutions ignore the diversity of human psyches and experiences. Content control tools take this fact into account, and give people more room to act on behalf of their own mental and emotional needs”. In conclusion , different content affect people in different ways. No one should expect for any internet user to brush every negative comment off their shoulders. In addition , content moderation causes better virtual environments and it gives the internet user control of what they view to satisfy their mental and psychological needs.

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Reading Summary 5 : Color Walking

when people walk or ride through places, some may notice the object it self and often ignores the color. Colors are vibrant  and sometimes objects may become more appealing due to their color. Thanks to William Burroughs , he noticed and appreciated the beauty of colors and advised his students to explore color walking. Color walking is when one goes for a walk and uses the colors around them for a sense of direction.Most people explore color walking to relieve stress or to enjoy a simple activity. For example , one can notice a vibrant red door which leads them to notice a woman with red hair walking by. By following colors it helps ones notice colors and objects they usually wouldn’t notice on a day to day basis. In addition Phia Bennin and Brendan Mcmullan took Burroughs up on his idea , and explored color walking.

Bennin and Mcmullan decided to explore color walking in the city of Manhattan .When they went to explore the colors of their surroundings , they chose to switch from color to color rather than sticking with one. “We decided to give it whirl, and allow ourselves the flexibility to switch from color to color: a woman’s lavender handbag might draw us to the right; a yellow cab could pull us down a side street; a green pistachio ice cream cone could shove us into the park”(Bennin). Bennin and Mcmullan let the colors navigate them through the city .While they was color walking , the different colors drew them into other amazing colors.The first color they noticed was the blue on a woman scarf. The two authors was so fascinated they insisted on taking her picture.

“This lovely woman was happy to let us take a picture of her scarf, but she told us it would “look better on someone else.” We, of course, disagree “(Bennin).

The two color walkers drew their attention to something so small as blue chipping nails. By the end of their adventure , the colors was stuck in “color mode” s they payed attention to all the vivid colors around them.”At the end of the afternoon, the colors hung in our brains and eyes. We walked away seeing a world brimming over with colors: the rusty orange of a rooftop water tower in the sun, a bright blue mohawk, and the humble yellowy greens of a new leaf all jumped into our eyes” (Bennin).

Bennin and Mcmullan adventure with color walking has shown them the beauty of colors among the city of Manhattan. Color walking helps people pay attention to the beauty of colors, such as blue nails on a woman fingers , or the green color on a leaf. Color walking broadens one mind and help one pay attention to detail. Color walking is a fun simple activity that keeps one mind rumbling with all sorts of colors and to give attention to colors that sometimes go unnoticed. Something so easy as color walking can make a big difference in how one can view their environment.


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Atlantic Station is one of the main attractions in the heart of midtown Atlanta. The beautiful modern space is full of shopping places , fine dining , and space for other attractions such as performances and circuses. Atlantic Station is about 138 acres full of many activities , However the site was not always full of fun and excitement. Before Atlantic Station ,the 138 acres was full of railroads and steels which was called Atlantic Steel. The Atlantic Steel was a large steel company in Atlanta created in 1901 which produced cotton bale ties and barrel hoops. The large steel company gave jobs to many workers in the 1900’s however it produced a lot of pollution. Many workers and residents were moving by the Steel Factory by the thousands (Moriarty). , the residents were affected by the pollution and lead from the railroads. Just across the railroad tracks from where the high-profile Atlantic Station project will rise, lead was smelted and refined for 70 years, leaving lead contamination in some parts of the property that is more than 500 times higher than the regulatory limit (Moriarty). Due to these circumstances , the Environmental Protection Agency was forced to regulate and demolish the the Atlantic steel company and create Atlantic Station to to provide more of a fun place then dangerous.In 1998 , Atlantic Station was built and ready for the tourist to see and for the residents to live by. Since Atlantic Station existence , the midtown population has grown significantly and many people work , eat ,shop ,and live there everyday. The built environments Atlantic Steel ( before ) and Atlantic Station ( after ) has influenced how many people stay in a particular place. These built environments affect where people live because since then Atlantic Station has the most attention and people since it has been created. Built environments can fluctuate the volume of people into a particular space and affect they way they feel about being around certain areas.


Chamberlain, Lisa. “Building a City Within the City of Atlanta.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 23 May 2006. Web. 01 Mar. 2016
  Who would have known that a Steel Mill Company which has tons of railroads and contamination surrounding the the could turn into one of the biggest profits ad mains attractions sites in Atlanta? “From Denver to Dallas to downtown Los Angeles, multibillion-dollar large-scale mixed-used developments are taking shape. But Atlantic Station here is Exhibit A” (Chamberlain). Atlantic Station has attracted many people to live , shop, and dine. This built environment has became the “it place ” of Atlanta and has influence many investors to create not only a work space but a living space as well. Atlantic station have Condos , and hotels for people to stay so they can be close to the attractions. Atlantic Station has literally made its own city into a city. Atlantic Station is a built environment that affect people by spending their money moving by the built environment to stay apart of the midtown community. Which ties into how spaces and exteriors designs can effect the volume of a city.
Brick, Michael. “From an Old Mill Site to a New Urban Complex.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 17 Dec. 2002. Web. 02 Mar. 2016.
   Atlantic Station has took over Atlanta with their beautiful 183 acres across midtown. “It is a vast and desolate 138-acre stretch on a rolling slope that tricks the eye and makes one side invisible from the other” (Brick ). Atlantic Station has made their own city including their own postal code 30363. Atlantic Station is one of the best endeavors Atlanta’s created. Along with The King Museum , and other attractions around Atlanta , Atlantic station has taken shape within Atlanta and produced more success than expected. “Office vacancies in midtown have risen to 23.7 percent from 17 percent a year ago, pushing average annual asking rents down to $24.41 a square foot from $26.57” (Brick). Further more , Atlantic station has increased the residency , profits , business, and  employment in the midtown area since the Atlantic Steel was demolished. Atlantic Station has not only been beneficial to the pollution that the Steel Mill created , but it also bring opportunities for development and business around Atlanta. In conclusion , Built environments like Atlantic Station , doesn’t  just impact a community physically by their beautiful appearance. Atlantic Station impacts the Atlanta society on a social and economic level which provides jobs , places to stay , and fun. Atlantic Station has been making positive contributions to Atlanta since 1998 , and has became not only their own city but a major part of Atlanta as well.