The power of B , Downtown Atlanta (Exterior )

Many people underestimate the power of the B. The big B , is what makes the physical shape of Atlanta . The big B’s is what makes spaces like Atlanta , New York , and other sites very attractive and popular. One may ask what is the big B ? Well , the big b are the buildings. These buildings may not speak but they create a lot of noise. In other words the buildings are what make and break cities , businesses , and other areas. places such as Lenox mall take shapes in Atlanta by being one of the most popular malls in Georgia , and is a reason why many tourist come to the mall and shop. Buildings like QuikTrip (whom I work for) purposely build their buildings around highways (which is considered a built environment) because they know that Highways are used by a lot of people and if a driver needs gas they would most likely come to QuikTrip for their convenience. I could go on and on about Built environments taking their shape in Atlanta because many decisions that people make to move , travel , and shop are based off of the reputations of the buildings. in addition , Buildings can create barriers that can eliminate certain people in their environments. Many people underestimate the power of buildings , however the Built environments of Atlanta such as the Colleges , major businesses and establishments , has a lot of control and influence of the popularity , the business investments, the type of people , the influence of restaurants ,residents and housing , and the influences of volume that take place in this environments. The buildings are what make Atlanta , not the people.



Why is that Atlanta is one of  the number one places to visit and travel? why is Atlanta so busy and filled with people ? Atlanta’s popularity and rank comes from the built environments that was placed there. So many people visit Atlanta because Atlanta offers a lot of attractions such as , movies , skating rinks , major shopping centers such as Atlantic station , Lenox mall , and Philips plaza , recording studios and unique and quality housing and hotels for tourists and others to enjoy while they here. these built environments come together to persuade someone that Atlanta is the ideal place to live. Their popularity is also based of their convenience. The major highways such as interstate 85 , 75 , and 20 goes through Atlanta which could explains the high volume in tourist. In addition to that , once you reached Atlanta everything is located near or in Atlanta which explains why many people move there as well.





Business investments                                                                        

throughout my research , I have concluded that reason that many investors start new business in Atlanta is because of the location of the environment and once again the influences of other popular environments in Atlanta. for example if you were taking a trip to Atlanta , and you were hungry and seen a new restaurant right by your favorite shopping center , since the new business was conveniently located by your favorite shopping center you would be more likely to try and visit the new restaurant. Evermore , most people start businesses in Atlanta because of the transportation such as Marta train stations which give people easy access to visit their business if they decided to create one. business investors also see that establish environments such as Coca cola , Delta , AT&T and many more ,could help or promote their business or better yet invest in their business as well. According to the geek wire , Atlanta tops the list of best places to start a business with a overall score of  68%.  nerdwalletstartbusiness



Type of people

The type of people that visits Atlanta is heavily influenced on once again the built environment. Atlanta is filled with many ethnic groups and different economic classes because of the variety of activities and different events in Atlanta. The foreigners however , attracts to Atlanta because the airport is located there and Atlanta is their first stop. Even though Atlanta is filled with diverse people , to live downtown is quite expensive , which excludes minorities and lower class people to live there. The expensive restaurants’ and shopping centers could very  well play a role in excluding people with less money to visit Atlanta or stay in Atlanta as often as high class people. The businesses in Atlanta do draft a lot young graduates since colleges like Georgia Tech , Emory , Georgia state , Spelman , Clark Atlanta , and Morehouse are located in the heart of Atlanta. In conclusion , the type of people in Atlanta explains why mostly high classes stay downtown Atlanta , and people often see younger graduates working for some of the major businesses in Atlanta as well.


     Moving to Atlanta

Many people move to Atlanta because the Atlanta is the ideal place to live.Thanks to the built environments in Atlanta , many people are aware of the convenience of stores , available jobs , transportation and malls. The built environments such as housing are purposely built by the major attractions such as Atlantic station , buck head and Phillips plaza to influences people that love to shop or who works to their to move closer to that area. Even though , Atlanta is a convenient and nice place to live the built environment still influences a certain crowd to live downtown Atlanta because the apartments are priced higher to exclude certain people such as minorities to live in the downtown area. In conclusion , the built environments are built and designed to exclude people , however , if one can afford to stay in downtown Atlanta , they build the housing by attractions and accomdies so people will be more willing to live there.


Atlanta’s high volume

Atlanta high volume comes from the exciting attractions , businesses , and events that happens in Atlanta. The Georgia dome ( which is currently under construction ) host major football games ,and events like the battle of the bands , and turner field has very popular baseball games as well. Lenox mall , and Atlanta station is one of the reasons for Atlanta growing population , and the expansion of apartments and housing in Atlanta.The popular restaurants , Houston’s , the vortex , maggiano’s , and many more also play a role in the volume of Atlanta. The park , centennial park and Piedmont park provides green space for tourist if they want to work out , or enjoy themselves at the park. there many things to do in Atlanta , not only that , Atlanta is their own little world with a lot of attractions and events going its hard to not to want to visit Atlanta!



The creation of restaurant’s

The creation of restaurants is the final touch on Atlanta. Many people love to eat and they intentionally visit Atlanta just to go out to eat. The restaurants take their shape in Atlanta by placing themselves in the heart of Atlanta by MAJOR attractions such as Lenox , Atlantic station , and other events to physiologically  persuade tourist and visitors to eat at their restaurants for the convenience. There are a lot of restaurants that are being created , because investors see that people love restaurants. In conclusion , built environments such as restaurants persuade people to visit Atlanta.




As I mentioned earlier in my analysis , Built environments typically goes unnoticed because  many people don’t pay attention to how built environments uses their buildings to determine the people and surroundings of a site. Buildings may involuntary segregate people of a lower class to come in their space by refusing to have public transportation in certain areas or to build a bridge very low so that buses couldn’t travel to and from the locations. Buildings in general influences people to move in a certain area, and also influences crime in certain areas to. Buildings that are made and sold cheaper usually attract high crime and minorities while expensive buildings attract the higher class and low crime. One should always keep in mind that built environments has a huge impact on people physically and psychologically. Just think , would you go to a built environment such McDonald’s if the environment was built poorly and the opposite direction on where you was going ? or would you live in a area that you like but it  was expensive , and a hour away from your job ? Built environments and locations is the reasons that some businesses fail and some business flourish. throughout my research and assignments from annotated bibliographies on Lenox , Atlanta station ,and the National historic site, reading summaries such as   “Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination And Segregation Through Physical Design Of The Built Environment.” ,Tapestry Of Space: Domestic Architecture And Underground Communities In Margaret Morton’s Photography Of A Forgotten New York.”  and The Tunnel : The Underground Homeless Of New York City , and the built environments description has came together to conclude that buildings have more power than you think. the buildings in Atlanta is purposely designed to influence people to visit Atlanta , move to Atlanta , spend money and create businesses in Atlanta. In addition the purpose of this assignment is to understand the space in Atlanta and how these buildings come together to give Atlanta their title and their rank of being one of the most popular sites to visits.

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