Better Online Living through Content Moderation

In the article “Better Living through Content Moderation” , by Melissa King focuses on the content control of internet users. Content moderation such as , blocking someone from social media , muting unwanted noise, privacy options , content warning , and enabling pop -ups , gives internet users more control of their online space. The freedom of choice to disapprove and approve unwanted websites or people have caused controversy among our culture.”Yet users of those tools face constant cultural opposition, often maligned as “weak” and “too sensitive” (King). By criticizing the mere use of optional social moderation tools, opponents are creating a culture that pressures people to expose themselves to experiences far more catastrophic than they can handle”King). Some may feel that content moderation is used by feeble and/or cowardly users. In addition , they feel that one should not take offensive to negative websites or people , or in Kings words “don’t feed the trolls” (trolls meaning the offensive and abusive content). However , the use of content moderation is very important and is vital for internet security. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to bulling , violent , and inappropriate content can causes psychological problems such as PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder) , depression , anxiety attacks ,(according to King)  and unfortunately suicidal thoughts or actions.

In a ideal world , one wouldn’t need privacy options and a block-list because no one wouldn’t harass or offended others, and the internet would be full of fun , research , and kind people. However , internet abuse is one of the top reasons for teenagers committing suicide , and It has played a role in some homicide cases as well. At least 6 people out of my graduating high school class has committed suicide due to verbal and embarrassing content. None the less , one of my closet friends (Shaunnie Taylor 1995 – 2014) was killed because she was talking to this guy over the internet and the guy started gaining feelings for her. When Shaunnie told him she was uninterested , her online lover started to stalk her . Later on , The guy founded her address online by using a a websites such as (White Pages or Yellow Book) and caught her walking from her house. The guy stared approaching her and kidnapped her then raped and killed her. Shaunnie had no clue on how dangerous the internet is. Only if Shaunnie used the available content moderation, at the first signs of their online relationship , she will be here today.The internet can cause psychological harm and potential physical harm not to only the internet user but their family and friends.

Many people don’t realize nor understand how useful content moderation can be. “Ultimately, easy one-size-fits-all solutions ignore the diversity of human psyches and experiences. Content control tools take this fact into account, and give people more room to act on behalf of their own mental and emotional needs”. In conclusion , different content affect people in different ways. No one should expect for any internet user to brush every negative comment off their shoulders. In addition , content moderation causes better virtual environments and it gives the internet user control of what they view to satisfy their mental and psychological needs.

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