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Thomas, Kelsey. “PHOTOS: Urban Design Gets People Moving – Next City.” Next City. Accessed March 26, 2016. https://nextcity.org/daily/entry/urban-design-health-photography-competition-winners.
In this article Kelsey
Kelsey Thomas shared the following photo as the winner for a contest from Penn Institute for Urban Research. The contest was designed to make fellow photographers share what they believe communities have to offer to get people involved with outdoor life. The photo above was taken by Ben Chrisinger, which was taken in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. There were two other runner ups that were also from Philadelphia. The importance of the contest was to demonstrate how urban environments make people active and be physically involved. From the trees to the metal monkey bars, how do urban environments keep people from sitting on their butts and actually move about. It’s interesting to see what people do with just paved roads and mother nature. This article is essential to any other of my topics to get you thinking on how people use their surroundings to do more than just sit and stare.