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Urban Design Gets People Moving – Annotated Bibliography #10

Thomas, Kelsey. “PHOTOS: Urban Design Gets People Moving – Next City.” Next City. Accessed March 26, 2016. In this article Kelsey Kelsey Thomas shared the following photo as the winner for a contest from Penn Institute for Urban Research…. Continue Reading →

A Closer Look into Constitution Lakes Park – Exterior Built Environment Description

At first you’re lost and have to open up three different types of navigation systems in order to find Constitution Lakes Park. Then just when your circling around for the third time about to give up, you see a sign in… Continue Reading →

Annotated Bibliography 1,2,& 3

Moss, Laura. “A Walk through Atlanta’s Doll’s Head Trail.” MNN. MNN, 24 July 2013. Web. 05 Feb. 2016. “A Walk through Atlanta’s Doll Head Trail” is a brief story about what is found in Constitution Lakes Park in Atlanta. It’s… Continue Reading →

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