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February 2016

Annotated Bibliography 4, 5 &6

Annotated Bibliography #4 Spitzer, John, and Neal Zaslaw. “The Birth of the Orchestra : History of an Institution, 1650-1815: History … – Music History and Literature San Francisco Conservatory of Music John Spitzer Chair, Neal Zaslaw Professor of Music Cornell University… Continue Reading →

Reading Summary 4 – “Making Bathrooms More Accommodating” by Emily Bazelon

In the article “Making Bathrooms More Accommodating,” Emily Bazelon speaks in depth the issues we have about our current bathrooms, as well as how we should improve them to better accommodate everybody. However, there are people in the world now… Continue Reading →

Reading Summary 3 – “His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society” By Suzanne Tick

Overall people have accepted gender equality. Especially now with equal rights marriage being legal in all 50 States of America. Suzanne Tick author of “His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society” want’s everyone from today’s builders and designers to… Continue Reading →

Mid-term Reflection

In previous classes I have learned to write by being timed. I learned that under pressure I will do some of my best work. However, I do believe that if I could review my work before submission and made sure… Continue Reading →

Constitution lakes is composed of two separate but close lakes. They’re both surrounded by boardwalks that help you take a closer look into the lake. When I first saw the lake I assumed it was a swamp. The water is… Continue Reading →

A video to better describe the tranquility within Constitutional Lakes Park – Digital Record 4

Constitution Lakes Park Constitution Lakes Park is usually deserted when it’s 30 degrees outside. It is quite peaceful to go when your alone and have more time to actually see every little aspect of the lake. In the video you… Continue Reading →

A Closer Look into Constitution Lakes Park – Exterior Built Environment Description

At first you’re lost and have to open up three different types of navigation systems in order to find Constitution Lakes Park. Then just when your circling around for the third time about to give up, you see a sign in… Continue Reading →

Hidden deep inside Constitution Lakes Park you will find yourself going inside the Doll Head Trail. There are many more signs guiding you into the Doll Head Trail, however this is the main one and first one you see. The… Continue Reading →

After walking a cement sidewalk you find yourself standing in front of a board walk with two paths to decide which way to go. On the left hand side of the board walk leads you to the famous Doll Head… Continue Reading →

The photo above is a sign for the hikers and pedestrians of the park. This is to catch they’re attention to be sure they know not to liter. This is quite interesting because they could have chosen to put an… Continue Reading →

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