Walking Dead picture Home

The Walking Dead is a series on amc. It is world known for County Sheriff Rick Grimes and his gang to wander the world in hopes of surviving the zombie apocalypse. They go from town to town gathering as much food and weapons as they can in order  to defend themselves from “walkers”. Their online website “TheWalkingDead.Com” is for fans of the show to take a closer look into the world of walkers and get new fans a sense of what the show is about.

On TheWalkingDead.Com you can find yourself surrounded in a virtual world of zombies and Ricks gang. If you’re already familiar and in love with the show you may already even be a member to this site. The Walking Dead offer’s loyal fans to sign up as members for Skybound. Which gives fans inside looks into what’s new to The Walking Dead. As well as special offers and discounts to merchandise within the online store. That’s not even all of it, as a member of The Walking Dead you even receive first look into new merchandise, meaning you can buy it before anyone else can. Members are also able to comment on the website and interact with other fans. Being a member is something most people find beneficial, especially if The Walking Dead is your number one show to watch.

The Walking Dead online is filled with ton’s of things any fan can be entertained with. From events, gallery images, to videos and comic insiders. The Walking Dead online even has games for fans to play with. Didn’t have time to watch a season or two? The Walking Dead online has you covered. It has it’s own separate category filled with short summaries so you can catch up on while still watching the current season. The same applies with the comic books as to giving you a refresher or catching up as well. The Walking Dead online even has news for upcoming comics and episodes. Which also takes you behind the scenes as to how they made everything happen and how the cast reacts to everything going on. It’s the perfect inside scoop for everything The Walking Dead. They are all easy to locate in separate categories in the menu tab. Only one click away from finding yourself consumed in the world of zombies.

The site is very comic book themed filled with a lot of dark colors such as black, white, gray, and red. It’s something you would expect to be consumed by the actual show but instead is centralized on the comic book. Which is nice since they want to incorporate the comic book more onto their site rather than the show. The menu tab makes it very easy to navigate through the site as well as the search engine. The gallery Image is even easy to find pictures of certain episodes and seasons. However it’s very jumbled up together and has too many information to actually look for something manually. Overall a great website to pass time on while waiting for a new episode.