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Built Environment Descriptions

Digital Built Environment Description: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a series on amc. It is world known for County Sheriff Rick Grimes and his gang to wander the world in hopes of surviving the zombie apocalypse. They go from town to town gathering as much… Continue Reading →

The Walking Dead has it’s own design that makes it unique compared to any other zombie movies and shows. In their photo galleries you can see how unique their whole website truly is. They managed to put the season number… Continue Reading →

The Walking Dead is based off of a comic strip. On their website you can find yourself going deeper into their comics. Of course in order to view the actual comics you have to buy them. However, this section of… Continue Reading →

The website also comes with it’s own online store. On the home page you can click on the “Store” tab and it will automatically take you to a separate webpage. It opens up a new tab on your windows and… Continue Reading →

If you click on the tab “show” and scroll down to “The Story” you can find yourself taken up to speed on what is currently going on. As what I can tell from this website is that there are only 5… Continue Reading →

Greetings From The Walking Dead – Digital Design: Digital Record #1

    amc. “Greeting From Set: The Walking Dead: Season 5.” Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, 01 Jul. 2014. Web. 31 Mar. is it’s own separate website aside from amc. You can find yourself going onto they’re website and seeing… Continue Reading →

Interior Built Environment Design Description : Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra is located inside the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Alongside the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra are three other art divisions. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra has been at the Woodruff Arts Center since 1968. Recordings done at the… Continue Reading →

These are the first doors that you will find when entering the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. It’s found inside of the Woodruff Arts Center. The doors are see through and as you can taell the first thing you see when walking… Continue Reading →

Hanging up outside of the halls at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra are pictures of past performances held there. The image above is one of those performances from a while back. Instead of having a picture of the layout of the… Continue Reading →

At the Atlanta Symphony orchestra right outside of their doors you can find a photo stand. It’s interesting to see how something as classical as an orchestra has a place that is in touch to the new ways of society…. Continue Reading →

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