Yi, Karen. “WATCH: Manalapan Teacher Tackles Fast-Changing Tech.” App.com. Accessed March 26, 2016. http://www.app.com/story/news/education/homeandschool/2016/03/25/making-the-grade-bari-kotofsky/81535034/
This post was created by Karen Yi who talks about a computer teacher named Bari Kotofsky. She is a teacher at Clarks Mills School who is just as amazed at today’s technological advances as her students. Kotofsky described todays computers as less spacious than what it was about ten years ago. She also talks about how she has to give her student’s the flexibility and digital tools to learn and be as creative as they want. She holds no boundaries to what they produce in they’re digital projects. Although it’s all fun and games she also teaches student’s the imporatance of cyber bullying and cyber safety. This article is another example as to how even younger student’s are contributing to the digital world. As well as having them be more advanced in technological equipment than what older generations had to offer.