GOMIS, Jordi, and Carlos TURÓN. “Conceptual And Instrumental Influences In The Graphic Representation Of Urban Planning: The Industrial Revolution And The 19Th Century.” Geographia Technica 10.1 (2015): 44-50. Academic Search Complete. Web. 24 Feb. 2016.

This article is a continuation of “Conceptual and instrumental influences in the graphic representation of urban planning: From ancient times to the Baroque”. Like the previous article, the set-up is similar. However, this article discusses the industrial revolution and the 19th century, unlike the last one, which discussed ancient times. It discusses the conceptual and instrumental influences like the previous article. The conclusion is the main pat I want to focus on. Gomis states that.

The changes in the instrumental techniques that have taken place throughout the historical process have been in parallel to the conceptual changes. But during the industrial revolution and the 19th century only the introduction of materials, drawing tools, and implements improved slightly the new city drawings” (Page 50).

I chose this source because it was closely related to my previous article. It is easy to comprehend and it’s short so a lot easier to keep my attention. There aren’t many flaws that I noticed personally. This article is directly related to my first article and it does a good job of explaining the concepts within the article.