The digital space that I chose was This website is the Midtown Neighbors Association. Founded in 1969, the Midtown Neighbor’s Association (MNA) is a not-for-profit association with the sole goal and vision of improving the Midtown Community. It was created because the founders wanted to build a better community, which is shown through the screenshots I provided. The website itself has a lot of information, more than 250 words, so I am going to focus on the 4 main idea tabs that caught my eye.

The home screen

This is the home screen of the website. As you can see there are 9 drop down menus, as well as the search symbol. Because I can’t cover this website in its entirety with 250 words, I am going to focus on the “Social”, “Get Involved”, “Life”, and “Cityscape” tabs.

The “Social” tab tells us about the events and effort put forth to make sure that neighbors know each other. This tab is a drop down and has 7 drop down options labeled “Social Information”.

“Social” tab

This section discusses that the MNA believes in community. They host several events, as well as festivals and assemblies. They express that getting to know your neighbors is very important.

The next tab I’ll be focusing on is the “Get Involved” tab. The drop down menu has a Calendar tab, become a sponsor tab, donate to MNA tab, Join the MNA tab, and a volunteer or join a committee tab. These tabs show that this association firmly believes in getting involved, even if its a simple donation.

“Get Involved”

This tab is set up just like the one discussed before it. It tells how to get involved and provides many options.

The third tab is the “Life” tab. This tab is really the tab that discusses the safety, comfortableness of residents, cultural institutions, and popular things to do in the area. It also discusses what the MNA has done to ensure these qualities.


This tab has a drop down menu as well with 7 options. It is set up very well and really goes into detail. this tab specifically shows me how passionate this association is about their community.

The last tab I will discuss is the “Cityscape” tab. This tab intrigued me the most because of the content of it. I was expecting it to be pictures showing off the area or something like that. Instead, it discusses how this area was set up and planned and why it was set up that way. It also shows future plans and goes into detail about that.

“Cityscape” tab, “Midtown Maps” drop down option

This screenshot shows specifically one of the drop down options. I chose this one because they have multiple types of maps to show. Not shown in the screenshot is also a section below the “Midtown Atlanta MNA Maps” section called “Other Reference Maps”. This section provides maps including a historic map, a redistricting map, and a few other options.

Overall, this website was very easy to navigate but was slightly overwhelming with all of the information provided in it. It targets people who live in the community, as well people interested in being involved or joining this community and association.