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Built environment – digital record #5 – image

I took this photo inside Lenox. I chose to take this photo for 2 reasons: 1. It represents Buckhead as a whole in relation to how upper-class this area is and 2. I have only seen a Tesla in Buckhead…. Continue Reading →

Built Environment – Digital Record #4 – video

Once I had finally arived at Lenox, I stayed outside to observe for a while, but then I went inside to see what I could see. I took this video while walking around Lenox. I decided to take a video… Continue Reading →

Built Environment – digital record #2 – artifact

In order to get a decent photo of the Buckhead Wall, I had to come into Buckhead Station. Buckhead station is located down the street from Lenox. It consists of apartment buildings and condominiums, shopping, as well as some restaurants.

Built Environment – Digital Record #1

This wall is called “The Buckhead Wall”. This wall is very intriguing to me. It was very interesting to see this when I drove by on my way to Lenox, so I stopped in this parking lot, climbed a few… Continue Reading →

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