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Reading Summary #6

King, Melissa. “Better Online Living Through Content Moderation,” Model View Culture 28 (October 14, 2015). Web: This article is all about content control features. It opens explaining these features and reasons for them. King states “These are all valid… Continue Reading →

Reading Summary #5

Hocks, Mary. “Understanding Visual Rhetoric in Digital Writing Environments,” College Composition and Communication 54.4 (2003): pp. 629-656.   Hocks discusses two major topics in her article. The first thing she defines 3 key terms using two hypertexts, composed by Anne… Continue Reading →

Reading Summary #4

BAZELON, EMILY. “Making Bathrooms More Accommodating.” New York Times Magazine. 17 November 2015. Web. 2 January 2016. This article focuses on bathroom accommodations for individuals. It starts off discussing bathrooms and how they are the most common markers of sex… Continue Reading →

Reading Summary #3

“His & Hers: Designing for a Post-Gender Society” by Suzanne Tick This article focuses on gender evolution. Tick opens up discussing that “identity is no longer clearly defined as male or female, but by increasingly visible manifestations of sexuality or… Continue Reading →

Summary #2

“Tapestry Of Space: Domestic Architecture And Underground Communities In Margaret Morton’s Photography Of A Forgotten New York.” The article opens up discussing Margaret Morton’s photographs. It states that “Margaret Morton’s photographs of New York’s homeless demonstrate how urban space impacts… Continue Reading →

Summary #1

“Architectural Exclusion: Discrimination And Segregation Through Physical Design Of The Built Environment.” This article goes into discussing architectural exclusion. It is separated into 2 sections. The first section is Theories of architectural exclusion and the other section consists of the… Continue Reading →

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