GOMIS, Jordi, Carlos TURÓN, and Ramon RIPOLL. “Conceptual And Instrumental Influences In The Graphic Representation Of Urban Planning During The 20Th Century.”      Geographia Technica 10.2 (2015): 41-49. Academic Search Complete. Web. 24 Feb.     2016.

This article discusses the instrumental and conceptual historical events that have changed graphic representation of a town. This article is broken down into 8 different sections. The first section is the introduction, it introduces the main ideas and a brief history and background. In the second section, it discusses method. Gomis says,

In order to carry out a study such as this it is absolutely necessary to establish the trends that have existed in the graphic representation of planning and the main factors that have been involved, changing and transforming the drawing of urban planning throughout history (Page 31).

In the next couple sections it discusses brief histories of ancient times, the middle ages, and The Renaissance to Baroque. The biggest focus is on conceptual influences and instrumental influences. I chose this source because it was very detailed and seemed informative. It is a little hard to comprehend in certain areas but mostly easy to understand. It doesn’t offer an alternative viewpoint because it is a study.