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In Class Work: Outline

T: The lack of Marta in the built environment of the suburban area of Woodstock to the Atlanta metro area creates difficult circumstances when traveling. (suburbs not want marta to take away poverty)

  1. Money spent on gas
  2. Dangerous drivers
  3. Why no Marta in Woodstock?
  4. Traffic
  5. Exhausted
  6. Construction hazards



Class notes 3/7/2016


  • ~Who is the audience? Tourists interested in NY, homeowners, people interested in homelessness, economists
  • ~ Purpose:
  • Critique economic system (economists)
  • Homeowners to raise awareness & to critique
  • to think differently in our position
  • arguing on behalf a historical interpretation
  • to inform
  • creating empathy
  • ~Context? when published?
  • 2014; Context 2014 economic recovery, unemployment not coming down, people renting more,  (2008 housing market crash & economy- recession)
  • ~Why this audience?
  • ~What is important economy point when economy recovery, particularly  creating empathy?
  • even economy recovering, only recently emerging from that experience or know people that had this, people more receptive at this moment
  • ~Audience, purpose, context in the argument
  • ~What is her argument? what is her critique of the economy?
  • media create that link makes consumer desire happen
  • ~What images do we see in media
  • Lavish; images of the 1%; conditions us to want that; moves economy
  • ~What is problem with this?
  • People can become obsessed with this; market collapse people got one their heads; get caught up on individual wants, needs, desires …… collapse people wanted to gain money and did not see consequences
  • ~Why Morton’s photography? What does Morton’s photography do?
  • maybe how Morton tries to generate a certain kind of emotion
  • images we normally do not see
  • ~Market crash …lost homes…mental illness, lost healthcare right before market crash
  •  ~Morton’s photography
  • generate empathy, show other things instead of consumer desire..(me me me) …counterbalancing other media images questions our desires to reevaluate what we need
  • ~Evidence Morton has
  • Photographs, interviews (1st hand testimonials), psychology, use a bit of statistics but not shows magnitude
  • ~Offers any solutions? not really; raising awareness, just informing, uses qualitative evidence but maybe not enough for policy makers


Class notes 2/22/2016

What does an Annotative Bibliography have?

  • Annotation shows Summary description of the sourced what is its purpose Shows this source is relevant to your bigger research topic
  • Citation
  • Main idea
  • Perdue yes, easy bib no
  • Annotative Bibliography 10 or possibly more
  • Composed of Individual summaries but interconnect in an Annotative Bibliography
  • Read all summaries into a bigger topic
  • Maybe has a historical context
  • As your revising you want to look at all of these things
  • The last few questions answers how it relates to our topic and relates to other bibliography sources
  • Summary what is the appropriate level of detail; claims and evidence
  • Findings or arguments say what observed in the study
  • Why and how is it relevant to the built environment
  • Reliability and credibility of the source
  • Is this something I have to explain to my audience?
  • Is this opinionated? there enough evidence to show this isn’t an opinion or limited?
  • Bias …only added if there are limitations
  • Images …have to also cite it but if you take your own then you do not have to
  • Connecting with the audience with pathos, logos ..rhetoric forming a connection with your audience
  • Describe what is in the image, to what is in the topic
  • Author’s and audience matters
  • Visual interpretation (how it is documenting something that happened one time and can be a literary expression) ……  IMPORTANT IN COLLEGE TO USE
  • Use multimodal, maps, images of built environment, how visuals can help you
  • Difference between a tag and a category …..categories – what it is (ex. reading summary) ;Tags- what is it about (ex. nersessova)

Class notes of 2/8/2016 …….

Primary Research:  Interview, Surveys, Experiments, Transcripts, Archives,

Document what see

Site source of Pic we found if did not take ourselves

Each blog post: 5 digital images (min.) w/ 50-100 words of what they are, take written notes



Style – how it was designed?

Tone- What is the intent behind the design?

Mood- how do I feel about the design?

Diction- context, contrast, symbolism…….etc.


Zotero: use firefox to download and use zotero, extra points, very helpful with our citations, no use Easybib because it can be points off while Zotero while do it for us basically.