Class notes 3/7/2016


  • ~Who is the audience? Tourists interested in NY, homeowners, people interested in homelessness, economists
  • ~ Purpose:
  • Critique economic system (economists)
  • Homeowners to raise awareness & to critique
  • to think differently in our position
  • arguing on behalf a historical interpretation
  • to inform
  • creating empathy
  • ~Context? when published?
  • 2014; Context 2014 economic recovery, unemployment not coming down, people renting more, ¬†(2008 housing market crash & economy- recession)
  • ~Why this audience?
  • ~What is important economy point when economy recovery, particularly ¬†creating empathy?
  • even economy recovering, only recently emerging from that experience or know people that had this, people more receptive at this moment
  • ~Audience, purpose, context in the argument
  • ~What is her argument? what is her critique of the economy?
  • media create that link makes consumer desire happen
  • ~What images do we see in media
  • Lavish; images of the 1%; conditions us to want that; moves economy
  • ~What is problem with this?
  • People can become obsessed with this; market collapse people got one their heads; get caught up on individual wants, needs, desires …… collapse people wanted to gain money and did not see consequences
  • ~Why Morton’s photography? What does Morton’s photography do?
  • maybe how Morton tries to generate a certain kind of emotion
  • images we normally do not see
  • ~Market crash …lost homes…mental illness, lost healthcare right before market crash
  • ¬†~Morton’s photography
  • generate empathy, show other things instead of consumer desire..(me me me) …counterbalancing other media images questions our desires to reevaluate what we need
  • ~Evidence Morton has
  • Photographs, interviews (1st hand testimonials), psychology, use a bit of statistics but not shows magnitude
  • ~Offers any solutions? not really; raising awareness, just informing, uses qualitative evidence but maybe not enough for policy makers


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